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Stephon Marbury’s Mistress Now Seeking His Assets

Stephon Marbury, former NBA star who will forever be known as the guy who signed a contract promising to pay his mistress $900,000 to keep quiet about their affair, just cannot get out of his own way.

Thuravyah Mitcheel was hired to cook for Marbury, his wife and kids, but began serving up more in a sexual relationship with the former all-star. Now she’s preparing for a bigger dish. After taking Marbury to court, suing and winning the $300,000-plus he had not paid, one would think Marbury would pony up and fade away, hoping time would help diminish fans’ memories of his notorious blunder.

Instead, Marbury has refused to pay the balance a judge ruled Mitcheel was owed, and so the former personal chef–who has shown she’d stop at nothing to get what she believed she was entitled to–has sued the former point guard for assets to make up for the money he has refused to pay.


Now, according to TMZ, Mitcheel is calling for a few of Marbury’s  luxury cars to settle the “debt,” including a Mercedes Benz and Land Rover. She has asked him to liquidate some of his other assets to pay off the remaining $331,584.50.

Once one of the game’s most dynamic playmakers, Marbury’s crafty moves clearly were limited to the basketball court. The judge will hear the new filing on June 17. Another defeat would be hard for Marbury to swallow, although he would have only himself to blame.


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