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Stephon Marbury Ordered to Pay Mistress More Than $300,000

So, Stephon Marbury had a mistress and wanted to keep it a secret from his wife. To do so, he offered to pay the side chick $900,000 — and he put it in writing. That was Mistake No. 2.

After paying Thurayyah Mitchell $600,000 to maintain the secret, Marbury stopped distributing the hush money. Mistake No. 3.

Mitchell, once a chef, wanted all they had agreed to, and so she sued Marbury for the remaining $331,584.50, making public their 2006 affair. And so, the intent to keep his transgression a secret was compromised because he did not fully pay to keep his transgression a secret. All this according to TMZ, which got ahold of the suit.

So, the question begs that Marbury has not answered: Why in the name of Tiger Woods would the former NBA star put in play a legal, signed document that would reveal his affair? Marbury’s signature on the agreement gave Mitchell the pathway to a lawsuit to collect the remaining agreed-to balance.

Marbury still refused, claiming that filing her claim was a breach of the confidentially deal. Did not work.

On Feb. 1 a judge sided with Mitchell and ordered Marbury to pay the remaining $331,584.50 he owes plus interest. And so, it is all there for public consumption  — including Marbury’s wife. Seems he defeated the whole purpose in making the deal in the first place, you know?

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109 thoughts on “Stephon Marbury Ordered to Pay Mistress More Than $300,000

  1. Stupid is as stupid does.

  2. Courtney Hunt says:

    A hot mess!

  3. Shortee Stunna Giraud says:

    he got what he f*cking deserved…dumb*ss

  4. Frankie Placide says:

    Pitiful! Money can't buy love, brains or how to nurture either one

  5. Gregory E. Barnes says:

    Now Dat's Trickin!

  6. Robert Roddy says:

    Derek Jeter is the only athlete I respect.don't get married while u playing, so u have no drama like this going on in your life..

  7. Antonio Reed says:

    ok now if this was a bussiness agreement and a contract was formed ie..he signed it with the stipulation that the mrs never finds out. pays out 75% of it (im sure there was no time frame on when he paid out completely) and she ran and told , hence they in court and the wife and the world knows about it..why is that not breach of contract and why this rat ain't payin hiom back the 600k he already dropped on her raggedy ass…i'd be fileing all kinda retrial papers, change of venue and wuteva else lmao ijs.

  8. Joseph Cosby Jr says:


  9. Joseph Cosby Jr says:


  10. What's going on Jersey Joe?

  11. Sharon Taylor says:

    What an idiot!

  12. Anthony WhoDat Tucker Sr. says:

    He breached contract by not complying to the payment for her to comply …loll

  13. Anthony WhoDat Tucker Sr. says:

    I wanna see how she look she gotsata ba fine as fuck loll gotsta be ….lawd if she a boogawolf imma die loll

  14. Bibi KW Williams says:

    Hot sex on a platter. She's probably an average looking chef

  15. Wait till the wife decides what she's gonna do.

  16. Joseph Cosby Jr says:


  17. Antonio Kelley says:

    Does this make my Starbury sneakers go up in value? That's all I want to know….lol…don't judge me.

  18. I think she was smart.

  19. Tonya Dees says:


  20. Cj Warfield says:

    And in the words of Chris Rock himself "Betta not cheat, why? Cause you gon get caught!"!

  21. Cj Warfield says:

    And in the words of Chris Rock himself "Betta not cheat, why? Cause you gon get caught!"!

  22. Michael C. Smith Jr says:


  23. Broady Butler III says:


  24. Franklin Smith Jr. says:


  25. Pay up then authorities arrest her for prostitution…smh

  26. Renee Whittington says:

    Or at the very least, don't put it in writing…

  27. Nonna BlackandPurple AllDay says:

    Totally dumbass!

  28. Jus Cool says:

    was she really worth that I wonder..

  29. Corey Johnson says:

    I don't know why these rich and famous dudes don't get all the women they deal with to sign non disclosure agreements before ever getting involved with them… SMH

  30. Arthur Tyson says:

    Cause it be yankin…

  31. Corey Johnson says:


  32. Pamela Tyler says:

    Okay really dude??? How can you be so dumb?

  33. Esther Sturdivant Gallieshaw says:

    I couldn't have said it better. I'm a marriage therapist and mediator and haven't heard of anyone engaging in such… Officially qualifies for a black belt in stupidity.

  34. Esther Sturdivant Gallieshaw says:

    Ok, I'm embarrassed that I laughed at your comment, except for the frequency in which that type of thing happens.

  35. Jacqueline Cooper says:


  36. Kristine Marie French says:

    Prostitution?? No. Sorry. He paid for silence – not sex.

    Maybe he should have invested in some common sense and decency and he wouldn't have had to pay his mistress to keep quiet in the first place.

  37. Ebe Osaigbovo says:

    Wow did she COME UP though!? I see why these groupies go so Hard. 900k! I'm impressed with her business sense. And he is a clown

  38. Tabby Bazemore says:

    Guess you really cant out-hoe a HOE! Sounds like the ultimate come-up to me. Marbury should have known better. Just SMH.

  39. Derek Faison says:

    He is a fool for signing a contract, but I don't believe he is fool enough to OFFER $900k. That woman made him sign that contract to keep her mouth shut and keep phukkin. She probably asked for a million, and she must have them GOOD COOKIES, but what feels good ain't always good for you…



  42. Freddy Felder says:

    That Dude Dumb as Hell! – Mario Williams

  43. Shawn White says:

    What kind of shit is this…Society is fucked up. Now the legal system is rewarding the ho's and home breakers for being ho's and home breakers! WTF? I'm sorry but uhh, wasn't there once a time societies stoned adulterer's? when humanity finally got a handle on their anger and outrage issues it simply shunned people like this. Now they are getting paid for prostitution from the courts.

  44. IRoslyn Harris says:

    Karma is a bitch. The only thing….she is going to get her share, too. But, I guess STUPID gets his first.

  45. IRoslyn Harris says:

    Maybe, they should keep their little brains in their pants.

  46. IRoslyn Harris says:

    Probably. They always pass their mistakes on to the dumb consumers who would pay to wear their names on their sneakers.

  47. IRoslyn Harris says:

    He thought with the little brain, in the first place…like most stupid men…..

  48. IRoslyn Harris says:


  49. IRoslyn Harris says:

    When have cuteness made a difference to most men thinking with their small brain? He took vows! He shouldn't have been cheating at all–and with the family cook, at that!!!

  50. IRoslyn Harris says:

    She didn't have to be. He violated his contract with his wife….that was what he was trying to protect…which was worth more than $900,000.

  51. IRoslyn Harris says:

    A class No. 1 idiot, at that…LOL!

  52. IRoslyn Harris says:

    If that's the case, Derek Jeter is smart. I agree. Why do all these stupid athletes get married if they plan to continue to cheat or if they know they do not have the temptation to resist the groupies? Marriage is hard! And, if you are not willing or unable to resist a new or different cootie–don't marry. Marriage is not for everyone and until people realize that–you will continue to have high rates of divorce.

  53. IRoslyn Harris says:

    Why is she a hoe and he is not, as Charmaine Lee, indicates a "dog?" They both cheated or, more importantly, he cheated? You call her a hoe and address him by his name…but he was the one who broke his vows to his married wife. He was the one who contracted with the woman to pay her $900,000, a mere drop in the bucket to keep her silent from his wife from ever finding out, which would probably cost him millions. You are typical of most women–who always blame the other woman–when it the cheating man who is just as guilty in the affair.

  54. IRoslyn Harris says:

    He was paying to silence her to protect his wife from finding out, which will cost him much more. It was a drop in the bucket. He was not paying for the other woman's sex but her silence. See the difference?

  55. IRoslyn Harris says:

    Rick Banks Plus, he was paying for her silence not her sex. Big difference.

  56. You might be right but what dummy would create a legal paper trail to his indiscretions!! Seriously from a legal perspective she was right from a moral perspective they are all in hell in that hand basket together!!!!

  57. Davina Martin says:

    You gotta pay to play! Smh lol

  58. MzzLady Justice says:

    What goes on in the dark always comes to the light. SMH

  59. Demond Nash says:

    It's because they didn't read Fifty Shades of Grey to learn from the Talented Mr. Grey LMAO

  60. Mike Wardlow says:

    She may not be as guilty as him, he's the bigger idiot, but she's also to blame knowing the situation, it IS the same thing as prostitution, Marbury may be the guiltiest here, but she's no saint either, she's a guilty HO, going for the money as usual.

  61. Corey Johnson says:

    Ms. Harris its not a matter of infidelity, these same men fall prey to their wives and ex wives in many cases airing out the intimate details of their marriages in tell all books or reality shows, for profit. My statement isn't aimed at unfaithful men or their mistresses. Its aimed at rich and famous men getting ALL the women they get involved with to sign Non Disclosure Agreements. Be it their wives who they may or may not be faithful to, their girlfriends who they may or may not be faithful to, or their mistresses in the sad event they are married. He should show up to that first date with a written contract saying, "If you want a second date, sign here, sign here, and initial there."

  62. Kathy Owens Camp says:

    Joseph said it ALL!

  63. Amanda Pietchak says:

    why women got to be a hoe? what is he? they both are wrong…he is in the wrong for stepping outside his marriage and she dumb for getting involved with a man who is married….He is stupid for making a contract…and he wants to say she didn't follow through lolll how even more dumb.

  64. Amanda Pietchak says:

    @shawn, first off its a home wrecker and secondly, he wrecked his own home by getting involved with someone other than his wife and secondly, leaving a paper trail of what he was doing….I blame her too for not knowing better and knowing nothing will come of is but hey if he is willing to give her hush money then so be it.

  65. Amanda Pietchak says:

    I am sure he is speechless now after having to pay up lol

  66. It must have been really good or he is really dumb. Hummm

  67. Reuben C Butler Jr. says:

    Failure just like those sneakers!!! Dumbass

  68. Che Matias says:

    Another dummy, straight out of the Projects in Coney Island. That's what happens when everyone does your school work for you, so you can concentrate on basketball…smh.

  69. Aishia Mizzy Richardson says:

    Talk about karma coming back to bite you in the a$$. In the morn of a legal document lmfao

  70. CWhat men will do for a piece of Tail…

  71. Paul Grillier says:

    Ok he's a basketball player…………. and doesn't he have a lawyer he could have consulted with before tryin to git legall and shytt……. justs sayin

  72. Charles Gibson says:

    Actually cuteness has at least 75% to do with it. Most married men cheat because it has to do with the grass is greener on the other side. They desire greener grass not weeds

  73. Lmbo!!!!!!!! Joe…you are hilarious!!!!!

  74. Dionne A. Jennings says:

    A case of common sense not being so common… Smh

  75. Dionne A. Jennings says:

    A case of common sense not being so common… Smh

  76. Bookie Whoo says:

    I never heard of a written mistress contract…….this is new, lol.

  77. Elliott 'Jersey' Clayton says:

    So people are dumb for purchasing sneakers with someoned name on them? Well, how DUMB is it to stuff yiur foot into a tight shoe that unnaturally arches your feet in an elevated position that more often than not results in plantar faciitus, among other debilitating foot problems that happen to be named after some designer whom could care less about your feet.

  78. Shawn White says:

    So be it huh? Screw Morality right? Well I guess that's where we are at as a society. rome is definately beginning to burn.

  79. Shawn White says:

    Lynn Moorhouse There's no argument that he is a dumb ass. in his arrogance he felt that she would feel he was doing her such a favor that her gratitude would know no limits. The trouble I have with this is that from a legal standpoint sides were chosen at all. I still think that this is prostitution and it's definitely adultery. I thought both were shameful acts, not to be rewarded. That judge should have order him to pay the court the 300,00, then ordered her to give up all assets she got from him and it all should have went to charity. Then told both of them to get lost.

  80. I'm with Joseph YOU BIGGG DUMMY!!!!!!!

  81. I'm with Joseph YOU BIGGG DUMMY!!!!!!!

  82. Otis Winston says:

    its cheaper to keep her hidden smh lol

  83. perfect example of "U PLAY, U PAY''

  84. Pathetic……

  85. Carmin Robinson Tuggle says:

    You're right, but he wouldn't have needed to pay for her silence if he hadn't gotten the sex….so he kinda paid for both. The sex created the need for silence, one in the same to me.

  86. Shane Green says:

    Don't blame the court, blame Mardummy, HE SIGNED A CONTRACT and BREACHED IT !

  87. Shane Green says:

    She didn't go for anything he didn't promise.

  88. Dahnisha LH says:

    and him for adultery!!

  89. Dahnisha LH says:

    and him for adultery!!

  90. Tikki Perry Elder says:

    You got to be a STUPID MF to sign a document with your side chick.

  91. Valery P Rivera says:

    What kind of Cooda Bear she own that he would put that in writing? Sex for purchase is so over rated…dumb @$$ had a wife…why get married and cheat?

  92. some people just stupid.

  93. Y couldnt this be me!!!!!!!! $900,000. Wow

  94. At AgLance says:

    The grass is not always greener "but with that type of money maybe it can be" Men stay at home and feed the grass you got…..

  95. Orga Nism says:

    Dude shut your racist ass up, nothing worst than a ratchet nigga but a coon CTFU

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