Kim Kardashian Star Studded Garden Baby Shower Celebrates Baby Girl

The garden themed Kim Kardashian baby shower was decorated perfectly considering the Kardashian baby’s gender (it’s a girl!) and the big baby bash was filled with star studded guests who came bearing lavish gifts for the pregnant reality star.

It was no surprise when the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” season premiere revealed that Kim K was expecting a baby girl after her baby shower invitations featured an adorable ballerina dressed in pink.

Guests at the baby shower, who already knew that Kimmy had a little girl on the way, came bearing tons of expensive gifts despite the expecting couple asking them to opt out on buying presents in order to donate to charity instead.

Sisters Khloe and Kourtney were in charge of putting the baby bash together and the duo made sure the venue was beautifully decorated with tons of floral arrangements and white and pink decorative details.

The venue choice Shelli Azoff’s posh multi-million dollar mansion was no surprise considering she has always been a close friend of the Kardashian family and extended her home to Khloe K to use for her wedding to NBA star Lamar Odom.

Perhaps the only thing more impressive than the stunning décor, however, was the star studded guest list.

Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars showed up to the shower flaunting their most chic summer time outfits.

While Khloe and Kourtney looked like some sort of whimsical garden fairies in their beautiful all white dresses, other celebs decided to bring some color to the gathering.

Sister Kendall Jenner flaunted an adorable turquoise dress to the baby shower while mother Kris donned a bright magenta dress.

Fashion Police co-host Kelly Osbourne showed up in an adorable floral print white blouse that she paired with a casual denim skirt and funky round sunglasses.

Maria Menounos also donned her own floral print in a baby blue dress that showed off her tiny waist.

While many celebrities let the garden theme of the baby bash inspire their outfit, it was Real Housewife of Atlanta Nene Leakes that took the inspiration a bit too far.

The outspoken reality star showed up in a brown maxi dress with green ruffled trim that looked like a tree costume gone wrong.

Despite looking like she was dressed for a kindergarten stage play of “The Giving Tree” Leakes wasn’t the one party guest that looked like they would rather be anywhere else than at the baby shower.

Unfortunately, Kanye West is giving us even more reason to believe that Kimye’s relationship may not last forever.

It’s no secret that finally expecting her own baby girl is one of the most exciting times in Kim’s life, but she just can’t get her baby’s father to be just as excited as she is – or even half as excited for that matter.

Mr. West reluctantly showed up to the baby shower and didn’t even bother to spruce up for the big day.

Yeezy showed up much later than expected and arrived in a hoodie that he used to cover his face from the cameras.

It’s bad enough that he wasn’t even there for Kim when she discovered the sex of their baby, but to show up to his baby mama’s own baby shower as if he was being held their against his will has got to be hard thing for Kim and the rest of the Kardashian Klan to watch.

“You could tell Kim was wondering where he was,” one source revealed. “The singer didn’t look happy to be there [and] dodged cameras that were shooting for Kim’s reality show.”

Other sources, however, swore that Kanye was more than happy to be there despite his glum appearance.

“Kim and Kanye were so cute – he rubbed her belly,” Kardashian aunt Karen Houghton said. “They’re just really blessed. It’s such a happy day.”

Another source told PEOPLE that while Kanye wasn’t happy with the cameras he was happy to see his own family mingling with the Kardashians.

“Kanye’s whole family – all the women from his mom’s side and dad’s side – attended the shower,” the source revealed. “Kanye was so excited to have his family be there to join in the celebration with Kim’s friends and family.”

Having his family there wasn’t enough to keep him around long though because eye witnesses say the “New Slaves” rapper left after just a few minutes.

There is no telling how the family dynamics between the two are considering the fact that Kanye seems to never stick around the Kardashian Klan for long.

Meanwhile, Kim is just ready to welcome her baby girl into the world and she is finally over her fears of her first pregnancy.

“At the beginning, that was what I feared the most, and now, I mean, it’s inevitable,” Kimmy told Huffington Post. “It’s gonna happen – I’m really not worried or nervous.”


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