4 Reasons Bermuda is Ideal Island For Family Vacation

With a warm and welcoming environment, year round good weather and a fine selection of child-friendly hotels, Bermuda makes an excellent choice for a family holiday at any time of year.  If Bermuda is somewhere you’re considering this year. here are four excellent reasons to help convince you to visit with your family.

Safe Beaches

Bermuda’s powder pink beaches are just perfect for children of all ages. Playing beach games on sand that is soft and kind to young toes and paddling in the warm clear shallows is exactly what younger children want. For older, more adventurous kids, snorkeling the off-shore reefs that line the South Shore is fantastic and helps them get to know the local marine residents.

You’ll also find plenty of hotels and water sport centers offering activities including jet skiing, whaler boats, sea kayaking. All of these are activities the family can do together, creating shared memories to last a lifetime.

Lots To Explore

Once you’ve enjoyed spending time on the beaches together there’s plenty more exploring to be done across the island. One of the best ways to do this, and burn off excess energy, is to hire bikes. Once in the saddle it’s easy to investigate the islands green interior, pristine colonial style villages and the old naval forts dotted around Bermuda’s coastline.

For a spectacular birds-eye view across the island a trip up to Gibbs Hill Lighthouse will reward you with sweeping vistas. Or head underground to discover sparkling crystal caves and deep mysterious pools of water that glisten with reflections of stunning rock formations.

Budding wildlife enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities to make friends with the island’s wild inhabitants at Bermuda’s aquariums, zoos and nature reserves. If you’re lucky you may also spot a pod of migrating humpback whales during the Spring months. Bermuda forms part of their migratory route and upwards of 8,000 whales can pass it’s southern shores around February and April…

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