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Kim Kardashian Dumps Heels For Comfy Flats as She Flaunts Maternity Wear

Kim Kardashian has finally tucker her high heels away as she embraces some sensible and still chic maternity fashions such as strappy sandals and loose fitting dresses. Meanwhile Kim and Kanye are cashing out on a luxurious birthing suite to ensure baby Kimye makes quite the grand entrance into the world in July.

It seemed like Kim K would never give up the high heels despite the fact that she was pregnant and her feet were so swollen that most of her heels didn’t even fit right anymore.

Well the reality star finally broke down and pushed her heels to the side as she embraced the world of comfy maternity wear.

Kim was spotted out and about this week in several loose dresses and strappy sandals that allowed her to still look fashionable and be comfortable at the same time.

While Kim explained she wanted to wear fitted dresses in order to embrace her pregnant body, we actually think this new wave of maternity ensembles did her baby bump much more justice.

Both looks allowed her pregnant belly to just breathe and it definitely seemed like she was much more comfortable than she was in her constricting pregnant outfits from before.

Of course, not everyone was a fan of the new dresses. It seemed like Mother Nature just wasn’t agreeing with Kimmy’s black and white striped ensemble as the wind consistently threatened to show off all of Kim’s goodies.

When the 32-year-old reality star was crossing the street a gust of wind kicked up that had her rushing to protect herself from the cameras. She immediately pushed the dress down as photographers captured her Marilyn Monroe moment.

Being a good sport, however, the famous Kardashian just laughed along with photographers who were there to shoot the whole thing – we can only imagine what Kanye would do if the wind blew up one of his skirts (because he wears those) and the paparazzi was there snapping pictures of it.

Anyway, her black and white outfit with the gold accent pieces definitely ranks in as one of our favorite maternity fashions from her so far.

With only a month left before her due date, we’re happy to see Kim slipping into some more sensible outfits that combine style and comfort and it seems like Kimye wants the same thing for the hospital room… or should we say suite.

When Kanye’s best friend Jay-Z was expecting a baby he made sure his wife had the entire wing of the hospital to herself, and it looks like Mr. West wants something along the same lines.

Kimmy won’t have her own private wing at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A, but she will have a fabulous birthing suite that will run $3,000 a night.

The private birthing suite has everything from its own separate sitting room to a large flat screen TV.

The luxury doesn’t stop there either. Kim and Kanye won’t be grubbing on your average unappetizing hospital food. The famous couple will be served three gourmet meals a day and Kim also has her favorite food spots on call.

Looks like baby Kimye is off to a good start, but the $3,000 a night birthing suite still has nothing on Blue Ivy’s million dollar play pen under the Barclays Center in New York.


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