Kelly Rowland Opens Up About Crying On Stage, Releases Beyonce Collab – Video

Kelly Rowland Cries – Kelly Rowland is opening up about her emotional breakdown during her performance of “Dirty Laundry” in D.C. and is spilling the beans about her new collaboration with Beyonce and Michelle Williams.

Kelly admitted that she was concerned about the future of her music career after Destiny’s Child in her song “Dirty Laundry,” but looking at her now she obviously has nothing to worry about.

With her song “Kisses Down Low” still getting significant radio play and tons of downloads and her newest hit “Dirty Laundry” sending social media into a frenzy of love and support, Kelly’s new album “Talk A Good Game” is earning some pretty high expectations.

If you ask Kelly, however, the new album is about more than just radio play and record sales. It’s about taking her fans on a journey through her life and finally being completely open with the public.

“The album takes you on a journey through my thoughts,” Rowland said during an interview with 93.9 WKYS. “It’s being very open… which for a second, was a little hard on certain songs. I remember for ‘Dirty Laundry,’ I was saying I didn’t want to put that on the album. It was a form of therapy. You’re supposed to grow and learn from it.”

Well that form of therapy will indeed be on the album and after she broke down into tears while performing the song it’s no secret that it is quite a powerful form of therapy for her.

“It’s really weird when you take yourself in front of a crowd,” she said of her emotional breakdown in D.C. “Even in that moment of when I put my face up, I felt like I was in therapy. I was singing and talking about what happened, and for a moment, it was like that crowd wasn’t even there.”


So with her finally admitting publicly that she was jealous of Beyonce, fans couldn’t help but wonder how Bey felt about the emotional track.

“I played it for her and Michelle,” she said about the song. “Beyonce said, ‘I never left.’”

While the trio came together as a singing sensation, their relationship grew into a sisterhood above all else and Rowland explained she will always be grateful for that.

“I’m so grateful for what we have as sisters… away from Destiny’s Child,” she added during the interview.

The sisterhood will be coming together once again to create some music magic, but this time it won’t be in the name of Destiny’s Child like their song “Nuclear” was.

This time it is a Kelly Rowland track featuring Michelle and Queen Bey.

The new song is titled, “You’ve Changed” and despite it being uploaded to SoundCloud earlier today many of the online links have since been removed.

Of course, fans can still hear the new song on June 18th when Kelly’s album hits stores.

Kelly’s interview

Kelly “You’ve Changed” featuring Beyonce and Michelle Williams

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