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Tyler Perry Donates $100,000 To Save Struggling Ohio School District

Tyler Perry made a huge donation to schools in Ohio during a surprise visit to one of the middle schools after he learned of the district’s struggle to fund athletics programs and other extra-curricular activities.

No matter what you say about Tyler Perry’s movies, you have to admit that he is certainly a man with a big heart.

When the famous actor and film director stumbled upon a TV report about Finland Middle School teacher Mary Mulvany he couldn’t help but feel impacted by her story.

Mulvany had created her very own foundation that was aimed at raising money for Ohio’s South-Western schools in hopes that all the children who wanted to participate in sports and extracurricular activities would receive that chance.

While her efforts have made a difference in the community, they certainly needed a good boost and Perry gave them just that.

The Madea actor showed up at the school during a musical concert where he broke the big news and had the kids erupting into cheers and excitement.

Perry is one of the first famous faces to personally step in ever since the school district caught media attention back in 2009.

It all started when voters failed to pass a new tax that would allow for funding for the schools, and even when the athletics and extracurriculars were allowed back in the schools they came with a hefty price tag.

The pay-to-participate fee was just far too great for most of the families in the district to afford and it seemed like the future of their academic programs and extracurricular activities was bleak.

Now that the award winning director has stepped in, however, there is a gleam of hope for all the schools in the region.

The generous $100,000 donation will go party to Success Beyond the Classroom, the foundation that Mulvany started, and partly to Finland Middle School.

Mulvany spoke to The Columbia Dispatch to express her gratitude and to emphasize just how major Tyler’s contribution really was.

“Hundreds of kids will be helped by what he did today,” she said with a bright smile on her face.

As for Perry, he spoke to the media about how beautiful of a cause it was that he donated to and even took the time to remind everyone that when it comes time to cut back on spending children shouldn’t be the first ones to lose out.

“That is so much hope and joy and love in that room and what is so exciting about them all is that they all have a story,” the 43-year-old screenwriter said. “I think children are sometimes pushed aside, but the stories in that room can move a mountain.”

During his visit at the middle school he even spoke to the room of excited children and let them know that they are the ones who have inspired him.

“I just wanted to see your faces and say hi to you because you inspire me so much,” he said as the children and parents began snapping pictures on their phones and iPads.

While the $100,000 donation still won’t be enough to rescue an entire district, his donation has not only given a huge jump start towards progress but it has also given the district even more media attention that will encourage others to do their part as well.


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10 thoughts on “Tyler Perry Donates $100,000 To Save Struggling Ohio School District

  1. Nina Robinson says:

    Love what Tyler Perry has done. God continue to bless his life so he can continue to bless others.

  2. Linda Lanam says:

    This is the biggest bunch of BS. I live in this district, I was the first class to go to that school, my kids went to these schools. They are not struggling, he got took but good! SMH, Its all for publicity of one school teacher wanting attention, he way want to rethink that donation to a school district that has the higest paid superindentant in OHIO!

  3. Paula Elam Beaver says:


  4. I agree Linda, are they paying to play in s/w schools, thought when levy passed that was over … and he gave it all to Finland, My grandson is an 8th grader there and he has some issues with adhd etc and th

  5. Tim Baugess says:

    I agree but hes helping the pay to play

  6. Dang Linda I thought it was an awesome gesture. Hopefully they use the money 2 better our children

  7. I agree Linda, she is retiring this year, and did anyone really not know he was coming ??? are they still paying to play in s/w schools I did not know Finland was in that bad, guess that explains some things up there to me. Their principal is really involved with the kids and listens to them NOOO ONE ELSE DOES Think he could have made a better choice but I do want the best for the kids hope they get some of this money

  8. So many homeless and families struggling I would of liked to seen this go toward helping those who are down on their luck. Some of of those who live in the SWCS district. .

  9. I was shocked!!! Christina, they will not put one dime toward the children. It's sad but our district administrators are selfish and greedy and I am shocked and saddened each time some are re-elected to the board. We have the highest paid superintendent who is woefully out of touch, the highest paid principals who should have never even been considered for the job, a school board that definately does not earn their titles….i could go on and on, but it would get very mean. Compare our school programs to other schools in franklin county and we are seriously lacking. I am sorry and often embarrassed that we moved back into this district. And that teacher raising money for kids who can't afford to play sports is a joke….those kids don't have to pay anyway. I'm not a Tyler Perry fan, but even I am sorry that he got taken so badly.

  10. Paula Elam Beaver says:

    Our district is building 7 new buildings. Does that sound like we're struggling?

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