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Detroit Lions’ Ndamukong Suh Gets $100,000 Snatched From Salary

Detroit Lions' Ndamukong Suh Gets $100,000 Snatched From Salary Detroit Lions defensive tackle Detroit Lions’ Ndamukong Suh was on the losing side of an $100,000 appeal that he filed challenging the charge he received for blocking below the belt.

Roosevelt Barnes, one of Suh’s agents, told the Associated Press he was notified Friday of the arbitrator’s decision.

The Washington Post reported:

Suh was fined for a sixth time in his four-year career on Sept. 10, two days after making an illegal block on Vikings center John Sullivan. He apologized to Sullivan, and to teammates for negating an interception return for a touchdown in Detroit’s season-opening win.”

Barnes played video of the tackle, frame by frame, in order to prove his client’s defense.

“We’re disappointed that Ndamukong was fined at all and that it wasn’t reduced,” Barnes told The AP in a telephone interview Friday. “It is clear from the film, when you slow it down frame by frame, that Ndamukong was clearly in front of the player and that his head and shoulder, when he started off blocking him, were above the player’s waist. But because Ndamukong left his feet, he was going to hit the ground and was going to get tangled on the lower part of the player’s body.”

Suh has officially become the first football player in history to receive a fine of $100,000 and has been fined six times, suspended for two games for a total of $342,794.

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