Rihanna Partying Too Hard After Chris Brown Break Up

After Rihanna and Chris Brown broke up the Bajan beauty claimed to be ready to move on, but sources are revealing that in the midst of all the heartbreak RiRi has been partying way too hard and making some other rather questionable decisions.

Just a few days ago an insider that was reportedly close to Rihanna said the songstress wished Chris and Karrueche all the luck and she had no harsh feelings towards the couple.

Well that doesn’t mean that it’s been all easy sailing for the “Stay” crooner either. She has always been a party animal but rumor has it that after the split she has turned the partying up a notch in an attempt to “party the pain away.”

“Pals have told Rihanna not to get upset about Chris and Karrueche,” the insider explained. “They think the best revenge would be living well and looking good, but so far Rihanna’s answer has been to party the pain away.”

Of course, nobody expected her not to pop a few bottles and party it up after becoming an officially single woman again, but even her other party hard friends are concerned that she’s going way too far.

“It’s understandable that she’d want to escape her feelings on this but she’s taking it too far,” the insider continued. “Everyone around her wants her to get some help – they’re genuinely worried about her.”

To make matters worse, she is still in the middle of her Diamonds World Tour and the chaotic ever-changing environment isn’t helping get things under control at all.

“She’s not in a good place and looks like she’s self-destructing,” the insider said. “Her friends are really worried about her and think she needs to take time out to detox and refocus.”

Well it seems like all the partying and chaotic nights have RiRi making some other bad decisions when it comes to social media and her wardrobe. While many of her fans embrace her half-naked (and sometimes completely naked) photos on Instagram, there was one unique article of clothing that even Team RiRi couldn’t get behind – denim thongs.

Chris Brown’s ex posted a picture of her bare butt in a pair of denim thongs and a shine on her body that suggested she had been sweating or was oiled up. We’re hoping it was just some body oils because sweating in a denim thong sounds like a guaranteed yeast infection.

In fact, the fashion choice was so disgraceful that Rihanna’s followers begged her to reconsider.

“OMG nooo Rihanna this is not chic honey,” one of her followers commented on the post.

Another playfully remixed her “Cake” song to comment on the size of Rihanna’s bum.

“Pancake cake cake cake,” the comment read. “Yall likin this on that team no ass huh?”

Honestly, as much as we hate the denim thong, Rihanna backside looked fantabulous.

Anyway, the fans clearly weren’t going to let their leader keep the picture up and eventually enough harsh criticism convinced the “Diamonds” singer to take the photo offline. Of course, it was way too late because it only takes a good two seconds for somebody to screenshot an image and have it forever.

The good news is that after showing off all her goodies in the tacky denim thong, she went for a move conservative look when she hit the stage in predominantly Muslim country Morocco.

Had she hit the stage in that denim thong we’re pretty sure the entire audience would have booed her off the stage, so instead she opted for a large white coat that resembled a doctor’s jacket.

While it sounds a little weird at first we actually like the look and it appears as if the entire ensemble was some sort of sexy twice on a mad scientist.

RiRi was dressed in a black crop top with black high waisted leggings before throwing on the oversized lab coat and a pair of sunglasses that almost gave the appearance of small goggles.

We could totally be over reading into this but seeing that the 25-year-old has certainly been quite the mad genius with her music lately the concept of a chic twist to the science lab wardrobe is pretty cool.


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