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Mariah Carey Laughs Off Wardrobe Malfunction on GMA

Mariah Carey suffered a wardrobe malfunction during her appearance on “Good Morning America,” but it seems that after the dress popped she couldn’t help but impersonate her “American Idol” rival Nicki Minaj.

When Carey took to the stage in Central Park to perform for “Good Morning America” one thing was quite obvious – the dress was ready to let go at any given moment.

While M.C certainly has slimmed down quite a bit since becoming the face of Jenny Craig, she may have miscalculated what her new dress size really is.

The dazzling pink Donatella Versace dress seemed to barely squeeze its way around Mariah’s curves and it was only a matter of time before the zipper finally popped.

The sudden wardrobe malfunction caused the powerhouse songstress to drop an expletive during the live broadcast.

Other than the fact that she may or may not have had a bit to drink before making her way onto the stage – which she has been known for, by the way – things got a little strange when it came time for her to joke her way through the wardrobe blunder.

Staff members quickly rushed on stage to try to fix the broken zipper while anchor Lara Spencer took the show into a break.

“What we’ll do is go to break, adjust, and when we come back we’ll talk to Mariah Carey about how gorgeous she looks,” Spencer said as she proved she was one anchor who knew how to roll with the punches of live TV.

As it turned out, the zipper issue couldn’t be fixed and Nick Cannon’s wife had to simply change gowns.

Luckily she slipped into a more loosely fitting dress that would be free of any zipper-popping problems.

With the dress secure and the “girls” safely tucked away the mother of two went on to belt out her latest hit “#Beautiful” featuring Miguel.


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