Jennifer Hudson Signs on for “American Idol,” Kelly Clarkson Declines


Jennifer Hudson will officially become the first “American Idol” alum to sit behind the judge’s panel while Kelly Clarkson has reportedly denied the opportunity to return to the show as a judge.

It seems like despite all the advice from the media Fox isn’t ready to pull the plug on “American Idol.”

While viewership has declined by more than 10 million viewers in the past two years, the show is still pushing forward for another season and switching up judges yet again.

Sources told E! News that Fox producers are aiming to keep the panel down to three judges and they hope to create a group of all “American Idol” super stars.

The former contestants are supposedly aiming to remind America that when it comes down to it “American Idol” is the only show to really producer singers that are successful even after the show – despite whether they win or not.

“It’s Idol alums bringing in the next generation,” one of the Fox sources said of the upcoming season.

Of course, this also confirms the rumors that all four of the previous judges have been given the boot.

While the producers are reportedly also going after Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, or Clay Aiken it seems like their biggest “American Idol” star is refusing to come back to the show as a judge.

A rep for Kelly Clarkson told The Hollywood Reporter that she will not be joining Jennifer Hudson as the judge’s panel next season – which seems like a smart move if you ask us.

Nobody really wants the responsibility of rescuing a legendary show that has recently started tanking and not to mention the fact that not all singers can take on such a serious time commitment and still focus on their music.

Quite frankly, we wish J. Hud would have declined the offer as well because it seems like she has been more focused on TV appearances and her Weight Watchers endorsement than actually singing.

We understand she has found other business ventures and while we support them all we do miss being able to look forward to a new chart topping Jennifer Hudson song.

You’re robbing our radios of Jennifer Hudson… you better not take Kelly Clarkson too Fox.

Anyway, it seems like things are playing in our favor as far as Kelly goes although the star herself has not come out to address the rumors.

All we know is, if Kelly has to take a break from making new music to judge “American Idol” we’re going to have some extremely quite and boring private shower karaoke sessions for the next few months.

As for producers aiming for Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken, we aren’t too excited about those choices. Clay Aiken has earned a reputation as a diva on set and while we like Adam Lambert he still scares us a little bit at the same time – not sure if he is the guy you want to be the face of a family program.

If Fox is taking any suggestions, however, we would like to take this time to cast a few votes for Carrie Underwood or Jordin Sparks to be on the panel. As for a guy nominee we’re going for Kris Allen for the simple fact that we need some eye candy on the show and we find him to be quite adorable. We wouldn’t even mind seeing Chris Daughtry on the show.

The only problem is we aren’t sure if any of the “American Idol” winners are fit to be the “Simon Cowell” of the show. While Nicki Minaj took the role of being the rude say it how you mean it judge, all of the “American Idols” are sweet hearts and we can’t see them telling someone that their singing reminds them of a cat being thrown off a building.


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