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Beyonce Teams With Rent the Runway, Jay-Z Ignores Foxy Brown

Beyonce has just launched the Beyonce Boutique with Rent the Runway where fans can shop for designer looks for low prices that have been handpicked by the Queen Bey herself. Meanwhile, husband Jay-Z is continuing to let Foxy Brown’s dirt roll off his shoulders as she tries to deny ever calling Beyonce’s husband a “tranny chaser.”

It looks like Queen Bey has managed to get her foot into the fashion industry without having to actually design a single frock.

While other boss ladies in the R&B industry are sketching out designs and picking out fabrics, all Baddie Bey has to do is say whether she would wear a piece or not.

Shortly after she released her Beyonce-approved bikinis at H&M the “Grown Woman” songstress now has released a line of designer outfits that she has approved for Rent the Runway.

The Beyonce Boutique was made available at as of yesterday (May 22) and has hit the web in time for all members of the BeyHive to actually rock a Baddie Bey outfit to one of the Mrs. Carter World Tour concerts.

While it’s a little creepy to think the audience will be filled with wannabe Beyonce look-a-likes, it’s still pretty cool to think about.

As for Bey, she is just glad that she can take part in making women feel beautiful.

“Making women feel confident and beautiful is something I’ve always been passionate about,” she said in a press release. “That’s why joining forces with Rent the Runway was so organic. It’s more than just access to beautiful clothes; it’s about making women look and feel their best.”

Of course, remember that these are designer gown rentals so you won’t be able to keep the pieces and even renting them will come with quite the hefty pricetag.

While Mrs. Carter has been basking in the glory of the fashion industry and rocking the Mrs. Carter World Tour over seas, Mr. Carter has been ignoring the reports that he had a sex tape out and was a “tranny chaser.”

As it turned out, he had all the reason to ignore the rumors because the alleged rumor starter, Foxy Brown, is claiming she never said any such thing about Jay-Z.

According to TMZ, Brown is ready to sue publications who have been reporting that she trashed Jay’s name and slammed him as a “tranny chaser” who had gonorrhea.

She also reportedly accused him of several robberies and claimed that there were sex tapes to prove he had a thing for men.

Well we aren’t sure if she just came to her senses or if the Illuminati is coming after her, but Foxy is furious about the rumors and doesn’t want her name connected to any of it.

“The atrociousness of this story sickened me to my stomach,” the 35-year-old rapper from Brooklyn said. “Any and everyone involved will be contacted by my attorney.”

She went on to say that despite all the other rumors that have come her way since she entered the entertainment industry these were by far the “most disgusting and disrespectful allegations” she’s had against her yet.

“Jay has only been wonderful to me and my family, a great friend throughout all the years I’ve known him and we had nothing but great success as a team,” Foxy continued.

She even made sure she gave the Queen some compliments too.

“Beyonce, his wife, has always been gracious and sweet to me… I will NOT let any undercover hater create discord and disrespect my name and reputation,” she added. “This disrespect will NOT be tolerated.”

Of course she won’t really be able to sue anybody for the story because it’s hard to win that kind of case when you are a public figure, but either way she is doing all she can to make sure she is still in good with HOV at the end of the day.


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