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Kim Kardashian Hints At Baby’s Gender in Shower Invite While Betraying Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby shower invites have sparked rumors that Kim K’s baby will be a girl, while the rumors that Kimye are on the verge of breaking up rage on after Kim allegedly betrayed Kanye.

It seems like Kimmy just got pregnant last week and now it’s already time to send out those invitations for the baby shower in June.

Well thanks to TMZ the invitations have gone viral and have media speculating that Kim K is expecting a baby girl.

We previously reported that the invitations were actually small music boxes with girl ballerinas dancing around inside and now TMZ revealed that the ballerinas are actually dancing to a lullaby version of Kanye West’s “Hey Mama.”

So is the girly invitation a promise that Kim is going to give birth a girl? Not quite.

While it is very likely – and probably what Kim K wants – we’re pretty sure that no matter what gender the baby is the reality star was going to opt for a girly invitation.

We can’t exactly see her sending out invitations made out of baseballs or something.

Anyway, while the invitation didn’t exactly promise a baby girl it did assure that the baby shower would take place on June 2 and be hosted by Khloe, Kourtney, Kris, and Shelli Azoff who is the wife of super manager Irving Azoff.

The baby’s due date is still set for the beginning of July and we’re just hoping Kim and Kanye stay together until then.

There has been even more drama with Kanye’s hatred towards the media and Kim’s unwillingness to give up displaying every aspect of her life.

While it has not been confirmed or widely reported, rumor has it that the pregnant reality star has been going behind Kanye’s back to make sure the paparazzi always knows where to find them.

You see the alleged deal is that the photos pay Kim to find out where she will be headed out to and in return that get all the juicy snaps they need to sell to magazines.

“After seeing the bikini pics, Kanye suspected this is Kim setting stuff up and it makes him sick to his stomach,” the source told Life & Style who haven’t exactly been too accurate with most of their Kardashian news in the past either. “He detests Kim selling her personal life and absolutely won’t stand for her selling their baby’s life too.”

A second source told the mag that Kanye has ordered his baby mama to stop all negotiations with media outlets for baby photos and that she needs “to start acting like a mom instead of a businesswoman.”

We can’t confirm is Yeezy said this or not, but if he did he is a huge hypocrite because he has certainly been playing businessman way more than he has been playing daddy.

Ye has spent most of his time away from Kim during the pregnancy working on fashion, music, and other business ventures.

The way we see it, if he isn’t going to take a little time off work to be there for the mother of his child then she shouldn’t necessarily have to deal with the pregnancy the way he sees fit… but that’s just us.

Meanwhile, Ye’s song “Awesome” also confirmed his dislike for Kim’s mother and manager Kris Jenner.

The entire song (if that’s what you want to call it) is an ode to how “Awesome” his baby mama is but one line of the song seems to be slamming the awesome reality star’s momager.

“Cause baby you’re awesome, you don’t need to listen to your manager,” he raps.

Well, if Kim and Kanye do manage to stick it out there are definitely some awkward Thanksgiving family dinners lying ahead.


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