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Chad Johnson in Custody After Judge Says He's Not Taking Probation Seriously

Chad Johnson is in custody after he violated the probation he was placed under after head butting ex-wife Evelyn Lozada back in August 2012.

Johnson may have gotten off the hook for the Evelyn Lozada head butting situation before, but when he didn’t seem to be taking probation seriously the courts had enough of the nonsense.

A warrant for Chad’s arrest was issued on May 7 after he failed to show up for two meetings with probation specialists on February 15 and March 15.

As if that wasn’t enough it seems like Chad has been slipping up since the very beginning.

The NFL player was unable to provide any evidence that he completed the Batterers Intervention Program. In fact, he couldn’t even prove he enrolled in the program at all.

Looks like things definitely aren’t getting any better for Ochocinco who tried to convince everyone he was on the right track by hiring his own personal life coach.

He is currently being held in custody with a $1,000 bond and prosecutors are pushing to have him sit behind bars for two months.

While Judge Kathleen McHugh doesn’t feel like Ochocinco is taking things seriously, he insisted that that just wasn’t the case.

According to Evelyn’s ex missing the probation meetings was just an unfortunately “misunderstand.”

“I didn’t do anything on purpose,” he said. “I wouldn’t blatantly not show up.”

His plea fell upon deaf ears, however, and we pretty much agree with Judge. McHugh.

“At this point, from what I’m hearing so far, I don’t think you’re taking probation seriously, I don’t,” she insisted.

Attorney Steve Swickle explained to Local 10 news that he will be placed under administrative probation which means if he can pretty much just stay out of trouble he will be okay.

Of course, we aren’t to sure if Johnson will be able to stay out of trouble.

Despite being in custody the former Miami Dolphins player is still trying to be positive about everything that has happened.

“I think that storm is over now and the sun is peaking out and I’m looking forward to what’s to come,” he told Local 10 after the court hearing.

Unfortunately, jail time is still very much a possibility for “what’s to come” so he might want to rephrase that.

Anyway, the final hearing for Johnson is currently scheduled for June 3.


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