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Kanye West Performs 'Black Skinhead', 'New Slaves' on Saturday Night Live

Kanye West took to the stage on Saturday Night Live (May 18) where he debuted some brand new music including the track that had Twitter welcoming West back to the hip hop game.

We weren’t sure what to expect since Kanye already made it clear that he would not be doing any skits making fun of his life on the show.

Well, Mr. West definitely made it worth our while.

Yeezy screamed his way through a new track called black skinheads and rapped “New Slaves” which debuted all across the globe on the sides of different buildings.

While we are certainly no fans of Kanye’s love for autotune, we had to let it go this time.

Fans will have to try their luck to see just how many songs include Yeezy belting out lyrics via auto tune.

If the quality of his new music matches the two songs he performed on the live show then we’re definitely excited.

Ye reminded us of his love for sampling other people’s music as he rapped (and screamed) his way though 1996 Marilyn Manson hit “The Beautiful People.”

Kanye’s version is titled “Black Skinhead.”

With his other track being named “New Slaves” we definitely see a trend going on here as far as what subject matter we should expect to hear about.

Either way, the lyrics of Kanye’s music is definitely worth some applause especially considering the fact that he penned the new song shortly before walking out on stage.

Yeezy’s right hand man snapped photos of some lyrics that had been jotted down before it was time for Kim’s boo to start his performance.

That’s right, Kanye was hit some inspiration just a few moments before it was time for him to perform live and the network had enough trust in Yeezus to let him go for it.

Luckily, the results were incredible.

Twitter once again began tweeting to show Kanye West some love and celebrating the quality of his new music.

Meanwhile, he also performed a song that some people are already more familiar with now.

His new single “New Slaves” was aired on the sides of buildings in 66 different locations before he took the song to the SNL stage.

Mr. West has had no problem performing the new music and unreleased hits in front of large groups of people despite the fact that other major celebs (yes you Beyonce) won’t perform brand new music until it has already been out for quite some time.

Quite frankly we need to give a major shoutout to the producers over at Saturday Night Live because it’s a scary thing to allow someone to make a song change just moments before they perform but network execs accommodating Kanye’s request flawlessly.

Meanwhile the network was also busy promoting the controversial rapper as they posed, “That was just ‘Black Skinhead’ by @kanyewest.”

We hope he keeps it up and gets in all the performances he can because once he hits the road with baby mama Kim Kardashian this year those concerts and performances probably won’t be nearly as care free and fun.

Although we do appreciate her love of social media encouraging her to confirm the title of her boyfriend’s album “Yeezus.”

‘New Slaves’

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