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Chris Brown Receives Death Threats While Releasing An Arrogant App

Chris Brown has received multiple death threats that arrived via telephone at his attorney’s office shortly after he announced the release of a new Chris Brown app.

Team Breezy must be slipping because usually they would have already found the person who has been sending their idol death threats or at least lashed out at them via Twitter and Instagram.

Perhaps they are finally trying to use some common sense and realize that if they return the threats with threats of their own they could possibly spend a few nights behind bars and pay a hefty fine.

Either way the Los Angeles police department had to launch a full scale investigation after the threats were received although they have not given any details about what specific threats were made.

Just to help out LAPD we created a list of some possible suspects in addition to what their motives could be:

• Karrueche Tran: She’s upset about the fact that Chris Brown finally seems to be over her and only beckons for her to join his side when he needs a quick rebound.

• Rihanna: After that nasty Twitter war that sparked shortly after the couple broke up we don’t even need to explain why bad gal RiRi would have enough motive to call in and mess with Chris’s head.

• Jay-Z: Maybe the hip hop mogul is making good on his promise that Chris would certainly have to pay for his decisions if he ever hurt Rihanna. He already wasn’t much of a Breezy fan, but maybe upsetting his mentee so much was just enough to set him off. If the Illuminati is after you Chris you can go ahead and give up the fight. It’s game over.

• Drake: They already had a serious club brawl and continue to diss each other quite frequently. Is Drake or his homies still holding a serious grudge?

• Jenny Johnson: After Team Breezy flooded Johnson’s timeline with death threats, maybe she was finally ready to give Chris a taste of his own medicine.

• John Legend: the soulful artist had to come to the rescue when Chris Brown attached his fiancé Chrissy Teigen on Twitter. Perhaps the threat was just a promise that if he ever slipped up again he needs to take a second look over his shoulder whenever John is in the same city.

• Frank Ocean: He was preaching about forgivesness before but you never know what a few drinks and some unfinished business can lead to. Maybe Frank decided that he wanted a rematch with the R&B bad boy after he and his crew jumped Ocean earlier this year.

• The valet guy: We kind of feel like this might be it. Remember when Chris exploded on the valet worker after he asked for a measly $10 service fee? Maybe this is his version of pay back.

Honestly the list of people that hate Chris Brown enough to send in a few death threats over the phone goes on and on, but if you want to hear more about what’s going on with the investigation now you won’t even have to turn to Google to do so.

Team Breezy can rejoice because Brown has release an app that is literally all about him.

It is basically a news app that would only include news about Breezy – because Twitter and Instagram and all the other social media outlets they created since I last blinked my eyes just aren’t enough.

“I am so excited to get closer to my fans – to bring them into my world,” Rihanna’s ex said in a statement about the new Chris Brown app. “Through my channel app they can be part of my music, my art and my life, day in and day out.”

Brown is also rumored to be the one controlling the content of the app, rather than some type of publicist or assistant, so we’re predicting tons of selfies every morning and pointless updates that don’t do anybody any good.


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