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Trailer for 'As I Lay Dying' – James Franco takes on William Faulkner

Okay, so I had absolutely no idea up until now that this movie was happening. Yes, yes, shame on me, it’s gonna be at Cannes and James Franco is directing it. First: a lot of movies show up at Cannes with little fanfare. Second: James Franco has his fingers in so many movie pies that it’s difficult to keep track of what he’s doing. And yes, that phrase should induce dirty images in your head, since more than one of Franco’s projects deal with pornography.

Anyway. As I Lay Dying. A 1930 novel by William Faulkner, AKA the bane of high school lit students everywhere. All the usual Faulkner trademarks: a dysfunctional family, stream-of-consciousness writing, and Yoknapatawpha County (you know I’m a helpless, pitiable nerd because I was able to spell that correctly on the first try). It follows the travails of a family trying to honor its matriarch’s dying wish.

So… yeah. A William Faulkner movie. That’s gonna be… something. It’s nice to see Danny McBride go back to drama, though. As I Lay Dying premieres this month at Cannes. Behold the trailer:

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