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Emilia Clarke To Strip For James Franco

…for a movie role, of course. Emilia Clarke, most commonly known as Daenerys Targaryen on HBO’s Game of Thrones, will finally be playing a role from this world (and century).  She will star in James Franco’s latest film, The Garden of Last Days, based on an Andre Dubus III novel of the same name.

The Garden of Last Days is Franco’s latest directorial attempt, in which he’ll also star. Don’t get too excited about the prospect of Emilia Clarke taking off her platinum blonde GOT wig, she’ll probably still need it for this next role. Clarke will play a stripper who is mother to more than just dragons. She has a three-year-old daughter who she brings to work with her. Let me remind you she works at a strip club.

The story will intertwine between said stripper and two of her customers (I’m guessing one of them is Franco.) As first seen on The Hollywood Reporter, The Garden of Last Days “explores family and sexual values over the course of a night set in a Florida strip club.” If that wasn’t enough of a plot, apparently there are also some terrorist undertones, specifically the September 11th tragedy and a present day terror plot. Strippers and terrorism? Talk about tackling all of the tough issues here.

Andre Dubus III is not a member of Outkast, but the novelist behind the House of Sand and Fog, an Academy Award nominated book turned movie, starring Jennifer Connelly and Ben Kingsley.

The movie will likely start production come July, until then you’ll just have to watch her own everyone else on Game of Thrones. Or you can catch her alongside Jude Law in the upcoming British crime drama Dom Hemingway or on the penultimate episode of Futurama, where she’ll voice the love interest of Dr. Zoidberg. There’s no question the budding actress can certainly play a wide range of roles.

Clarke has some practice taking it off for her role in GOT
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