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To Find True Wisdom, Slow Down and Go Within

When I think about my desire to slow down and turn my attention within, I realize that I’m often looking to reconnect with a sense of wisdom within myself. I want to experience a sense of peace and clarity that, I hope, will accompany me throughout the day.

I find wisdom to be an intriguing word in that it carries several meanings. We can think of following our wisdom as being about applying the best of our intellect and our common sense to everyday life. We can also view this word as carrying an invitation to connect with a spiritual stream of understanding that carries a depth and clarity beyond our rational thinking.

It’s worth considering how we might define wisdom for ourselves. What does this look like in the context of our day-to-day life, how do we experience it and how do we know when we are and when we’re not connected to our wisdom?

I notice that when I rush, I’m at high risk for losing this connection. When I’m honest with myself in these moments, I can sense that I’m adding on unnecessary layers of stress and urgency, and that I’m setting myself up for feelings of irritation. This is especially true when I try to cram too many things into the day or decide to start my morning by jolting into full-speed without taking at least a moment to first get centered. Such days are a contrast to what it feels like to first pause and notice where I am and what’s going on, so that I can sense what most needs my attention.

I realize that we can’t always control whether or not we feel connected to our wisdom. Some days we’re doomed to feel out of sync, and in others, we’re graced with a sense of being “in the flow,” regardless of our actions. I have noticed, however, that I can increase the odds of being a wiser version of myself by taking time to bring my attention within before beginning the day’s activities.

I invite you to take a moment to center yourself (or use whatever phrase works for you) before gearing up for the day. Notice what helps you to connect with your wisdom.

 Source: Karen Horneffer-Ginter,
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