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Alicia Keys Shoots ‘Tears Always Win’ Video in Las Vegas

Alicia Keys is nursing a broken heart on her new single “Tears Always Win.” And there’s probably no better place to try to get over a heartache than Las Vegas, Sin City. That’s where the singer headed to shoot the video for the new Girl On Fire single.

“I actually just finished the video for ‘Tears Always Win‘ last night,” she told MTV News Thursday night backstage at “American Idol,” where she had performed the song. “So I love it. I love it ’cause it’s a slice of life.

“It’s a girl and her working two jobs and she’s got all these things going on. But the whole time, she’s totally distracted because she’s only thinking about how she feels [about her ex], almost at the point [where] you’re thinking about the person, but you’re also thinking about, kind of, your loneliness and how you feel. How’re you gonna get through it? The video is totally beautiful, really unexpected. It has some Vegas pieces in it. I think the way it goes on, it really brings a relevance to the words and you’ll really feel it. I’m loving it.”

So, will the video’s protagonist get over the guy? Well, hearing her describe the song makes it seem unlikely. “So, ‘Tears Always Win’ is really about a relationship that’s over and you’re remembering all the times that it was there,” she said. “You’re remembering all the ways they filled your space and now that it’s not there. You’re telling yourself you don’t need them, but you’re missing them and you’re crying about it.”

Speaking of American Idol,” it was there she got to catch a glimpse of her “Girl On Fire” partner Nicki Minaj, sharing that she’d “definitely” love the chance to collaborate with her again. She said, “I saw her at the Met Ball actually and that was the last place I saw her. That’s my girl and I definitely have lots of love for her … she’s a girl on fire.”

So, would she ever consider joining Minaj on the show, perhaps to replace Randy Jackson, who just announced he’s leaving after 11 seasons? “There’s no room for me,” she said.

Minaj hasn’t confirmed if she’ll return to Idol” as the show heads into next Wednesday’s season finale.

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