Rihanna Upsets Yet Another City in Turmoil, Three Hours Late to Boston

Rihanna was booed during her concert in Boston on Monday after she showed up three hours late to the show that had already been postponed months ago.

Rihanna has never had a thing for being punctual, but her timing when it comes to which cities to be arriving late to could use some serious work. Disappointing fans by showing up late is bad enough, but to show up late to cities that are already fighting their way through tough times is even worse.

After the Boston bombings shook the city and the nation and sparked a growing line of “Stay Strong” Boston apparel, the city could have really used something a little more positive to talk about – like Rihanna showing up and giving them a hell of a show.

Instead the good girl gone bad arrived three hours late without any opening act to keep fans entertained and apparently gave “a joke of a show.”

To make matters worse, the young songstress didn’t find it necessary to explain why she was so late in the first place.

Her lack of an apology and the rumored reason about why she was late (apparently she was watching the Chicago Bulls play the Miami Heat) had team RiRi venting on Twitter all night.

“@rihanna 2-3 hrs late for your show in Boston, huh??! #disrespectful #noexcuse basketball was more important huh?? Don’t come back,” one former Rihanna fan tweeted.

Other tweets were jam packed with sarcasm as one user wrote, “Thank you @rihanna for playing an hour long concert and lip syncing the whole thing. I’m glad u ‘balled out’ for Boston.”

Others claimed that it wasn’t just her showing up late that upset them. It was the poor show as well.

“@rihanna except she was three hours late and did a joke of a show,” one ex-fan tweeted.

Other tweets claimed that the “Stay” singer “deserved to get booed” and that the city of Boston is “over her.”

Of course, the chart topping star had some die hard fans that were willing to forgive her (even though she didn’t ask for forgiveness).

“I take it back @rihanna Boston loves you,” one fan tweeted after the show. “#bestconcertever #BostonStrong tribute was unreal. So worth the wait.”

The concert was originally supposed to take place back in March, but Rihanna postponed the concert after she came down with laryngitis.

Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend (that title might change by the time this story is even published) also disappointed the city of Chicago when they were dealing with the peak in deaths from gang violence.

A high school in Chicago earned a private appearance by the songstress after winning a video contest that highlighted their charity work in their community.

RiRi showed up almost five hours late and stayed for a little over 15 minutes before leaving the Chicago teenagers disappointed and furious.

Despite the fact that Rihanna has always been known for being late, some fans are trying to blame her tardiness on her recent break up with Chris Brown.

Honestly, we find that hard to believe since the “Umbrella” songstress seems to already be well on her way to replacing the young tattooed crooner.

The 25-year-old was spotted out with New York Knicks player J.R. Smith at the popular SoHo club Greenhouse on Tuesday. This is the second time the pair has been seen partying it up together recently.

Just last weekend they were caught in Jay-Z’s club 40/40.

Don’t think she is the only one moving on, however.

The graffiti loving “Don’t Judge Me” singer was seen out with Vogue’s entertainment editor Jill Demling at the Boom Boom Room.

He also let out a tweet that made it seem like this time he is serious about trying to stay apart from his former lover.

“Sometimes loving someone is too much,” the tweet read. “So loving from a distance will help everyone grow!”

We’ll see about that Breezy…


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