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Serena Williams Responds with Kindess to Sloane Stephens’ Criticism

Serena Williams was in a good mood today when reporters approached eager to capture a response to fellow American tennis player Sloane Stephens’ scathing comments. Stephens unleashed a fury of negative comments against Williams in an interview with ESPN magazine.

“They think she’s so friendly and she’s so this and she’s so that – no, that’s not reality! You don’t unfollow someone on Twitter, delete them off of BlackBerry Messenger. I mean, what for? Why?”

After defeating Lourdes Dominguez at the second round of the Madrid Open, Serena told reporters,

“I don’t really know. I don’t have many thoughts. I’m a big Sloane Stephens fan and always have been. I’ve always said that I think she can be the best in the world. I’ll always continue to think that and always be rooting for her.

“So I really just always wish her — and anyone, really, especially from America — the best. We don’t have that many American players, so it’s always exciting to see so many young players doing so well.”

Sloane Stephens tweeted her own response: “Guilty of being naive. Much respect 4 @serenawilliams , a champ & the GOAT. We spoke, we’re good. ONWARD! #lifelessons“

Hmm…is this PR talking or did the two American players really patch things up?

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3 thoughts on “Serena Williams Responds with Kindess to Sloane Stephens’ Criticism

  1. Anonymous says:

    There are always comments, criticisms, and making mountains out of molehills where Serena Williams is concerned. All this is is Big Booty jealousy. Serena did not have to pay for her Physical attributes the way so many women have to.

  2. ms stephens grow up. so what if she doesn't follow you on twitter…you sound like a twit…u just got into the game…this is serena and venus' world…stay in your lane sweetie!

  3. Sloane Stephens please grow Up……..

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