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Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull Sexy Video Shoot Marred by Gunshots in Florida

Jennifer Lopez, 43, had a bit of a scare Sunday evening as she lounged in Fort Lauderdale filming a new music video – reportedly gunshots were fired nearby.

The actress/singer was stunning in her peach swimsuit that was almost a perfect match to her skin. She and Pitbull were at the Fort Lauderdale Beach Park working on a music video for their single, Live It Up, when the incident happened.

ET’s Rob Marciano was chatting with the star. He tweeted: “BREAKING: Gunshots fired on Fort Lauderdale Beach DURING my JLo interview. No kidding. Security scrambled her away.”

The Miami Herald reports that police were called to the parking lot to investigate. JLo and boyfriend Casper Smart made their way to her vehicle when the shots were heard.

Marciano followed up with: “Police confirming: ‘shots fired. no one hit.’ Whew.”

According to the LA Times the shooting remains a speculation, ”

Police found no evidence of a shooting in the park’s parking lot, the Miami Herald reported.

Neither Lopez nor Pitbull mentioned the incident on their Twitter feeds Monday; however, the rapper did send thanks to her for collaborating on the project.

“thank u @JLo for another amazing opportunity & giving me a chance 2 learn from u muchas muchas gracias besoteeeee.”

Source: USA Today

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