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Chris Kelly Funeral Arrangements Announced, Public Viewing in Atlanta

Funeral arrangements for former Kris Kross rapper Chris Kelly have finally been announced and a public viewing for the child star will take place next week in Atlanta. Meanwhile, details are emerging that suggest it was Chris’s climb back into the music industry that may have ultimately led to his death.

The Kris Kross star was found deceased in his home after what is currently suspected to be a drug overdose and now friends, family, and fans are eagerly waiting to say their final goodbyes in Atlanta.

The Murray Brothers Funeral Home confirmed that a public viewing will take place on Wednesday while the actual funeral service will take place on Thursday (May 9) at Jackson Memorial Baptist Church.

Chris made up one half of the group Kris Kross and donned the nickname “Mac Daddy” while the other half of the duo, Chris Smith, went by “Daddy Mac.”

The suspicions of drug abuse involved in his death only reaffirms fears that many parents and family of celebrities, including Chris Brown’s father, have about their loved one who is a part of the industry.

While the bright lights often seem glamorous we rarely are exposed to some of the enormous pressures and stress that constant media attention can place on celebrities.

According to the Kelly’s mother, her 34-year-old son has had quite a history of drug abuse and he was feeling ill shortly before he passed away.

“She stated she had brought Kelly home to recover from his drug use and had done this several times in the past,” the police report stated.

While she did her absolute best to protect her son there didn’t seem to be much left she could do to save his life.

Pressure was mounting on Kelly as he was slowly making his way back unto the music scene after Kris Kross performed for a 20-year reunion concert back in February.

He was reunited with famous pals from back in the day and even introduced to some of today’s top hit makers in the music industry.

According to TMZ, that is exactly where things began to go awry.

The “Jump” rapper had actually cleaned up his act before the reunion show, but being thrusted back into the scene proved to be too much.

With financial woes a thing of the past once again and what some are calling an “ego trip” the Atlanta rapper got back into drugs and dug his own grave.

Kelly’s mother revealed that he had actually been taking speedballs shortly before his death which are a dangerous mix of coke and heroin.

While taxology reports have not yet come in, police are certain that drugs will be the cause of death after a thorough investigation revealed no signs of foul play.


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