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Rihanna Gives Chris Brown’s Dad Yet Another Reason Not To Approve

Rihanna flaunted a see through top backstage at her concert while hanging out with Lil Kim and only further solidified Chris Brown’s father’s reasons for not approving of her relationship with his son.

Chris Brown’s father recently spoke out about not approving of the good girl gone bad getting back together with his son, but it seems pretty apparent that RiRi couldn’t care less.

The 25-year-old R&B star slipped into a white laser cut top that that exposed her toned tummy and neutral colored bra and paired it with some gray sweatpants and black heels.

She snapped several photos of herself in the casual outfit while pal Lil Kim hugged her and posed for a few pics as well.

Ironically, Lil Kim was the more conservatively dressed of the two musicians in a royal blue blazer, white skinny jeans, and turquoise heels.

We aren’t sure if the 38-year-old rap star underwent another plastic surgery operation gone wrong but she couldn’t stop creating a strange pucker face in all the photos she snapped with the “Diamonds” crooner.

Quite frankly the outfit is nowhere near as revealing as most of her other ensembles, but finding out that the Bajan beauty is Lil Kim’s “wifey” (according to her own tweet) probably isn’t helping Chris’s dad accept their relationship.

Let’s be honest just being Lil Kim’s next door neighbor can make you look a smidge less desirable as a person.

Anyway, Brown likely isn’t going to take his father’s advice any time soon when the “Stay” songstress is allegedly planning something huge for his upcoming 24th birthday on May 5.

Rumor has it that now that the pair is back together, Rihanna might be well on her way to outdoing Kim Kardashian’s Lamborghini gift that she gave to boyfriend Kanye West last year.

“It’s a surprise,” one source said of Rihanna’s secret birthday plans. “All I can say is she’s got a few things up her sleeve.”

Some rumors are saying that the good girl gone bad is cashing out over a million dollars on her part-time lover by getting him a custom made car.

No matter what the gift is, however, money can’t buy a parent’s approval.

Papa Brown opened up about how he feels of his son’s girlfriend and he made it clear that while he understands what the appeal is, he just isn’t happy with it.

“I personally really didn’t want him and Rihanna back together,” Clinton Brown admitted to the New York Times.

He went on to explain that while having someone who is “spontaneous” is a good thing, it’s also good to have someone who is also “logical” and “grounded.”

While most of us are just seeing a bad breakup in Chris’s future, his father is worried about even more grim consequences.

“I hate to use examples, but Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Amy Winehouse – I mean I could go on and on,” Chris’s father continued. “Is that a given – that you can’t have fortune and fame without [death] being the end result?”

He also mentioned that he is no fan of Riri’s “party attitude,” and if that’s the case we’re pretty sure he isn’t feeling the latest string of photos to flood Rihanna’s Instagram.

The “Pour it Up” singer posted several pictures of her drinking what appears to be some sort of wine straight from the bottle and the caption wasn’t making things any better.

“Getting bent back here! #DWT #backstagelife,” she wrote under one of the photos.

The other caption read, “Po it thee phuck up!!!! #backstageproblems.”

Well it will certainly be interesting to see how Rihanna responds to her potential in-law’s comments.


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