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First Photo of Paris Jackson Reuniting With Her Mother Debbie Rowe

Paris Jackson got the best 15th birthday present she could have asked for – to be reunited with her mother after years of separation.

Paris celebrated her birthday with her mother by her side for the first time in over 10 years.

While the two have been bonding in recent months, this will be one of the first birthdays that Paris gets to celebrate with her mother.

Ever since Paris’s father, the iconic Michael Jackson, passed away in 2009 Rowe has been working to slowly rekindle her relationship with Paris.

The first photo of the mother-daughter duo together hit the web thanks to Entertainment Tonight who received exclusive rights to the photo.

It shows the young Jackson daughter with an edgy but chic black hair cut sitting next to Debbie at Ahi Sushi in Studio City, Calif. on April 3.

The teen seemed to have a genuine smile planted on her face as her mother wrapped one arm around her in the picture.

She is the youngest of Michael and Debbie’s children and even other members of the Jackson family feel relieved to see her back in touch with her mom.

“I think that’s wonderful,” Jermaine Jackson told TMZ about Paris and her mother reuniting. “The kids need their mum. I think it’s great. That’s their mother. That’s wonderful. That’s a good thing.”

M.J.’s daughter obviously thinks it’s a good thing as well. When the King of Pop’s daughter tweeted on her birthday she seemed to be in good spirits as she thanked everyone for their birthday wishes.

“Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes!!! You guys are beautiful and I love you,” she tweeted.

In addition to going out for sushi, Debbie also took Paris shopping for her birthday as well.

Paris’s mother has also made it a point to support her daughter in everything that she does. When Paris had a dance competition at her L.A school last week Rowe showed up with a bouquet of flowers.

Despite growing up without her real mother, it’s relieving to see that Jackson has become quite the mature young woman.

While many child stars or parents of celebrities are finding themselves getting wrapped up in drugs and other illegal activities, Paris is just encouraging them to “stay humble” and keep a clear head.

Jackson’s daughter has continually expressed a serious interest in acting and dance and hopes to make her own legacy that doesn’t rely on that of her father’s.


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