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Nicki Minaj Keeps Busy With New Music and Comedy Movie

Nicki Minaj has been quite the busy woman lately and now her schedule is about to get even crazier after she has been casted to play in an upcoming comedy film while also partnering with Ciara on some new music.

Let’s face it. Part of you can’t help but love Nicki Minaj. When all her haters asked her to take a seat, she did just that… behind the American Idol judges’ panel. When people slammed her bright bubble gum pink lipstick, she created what is currently MACs best-selling lipstick of all time. When music lovers said Nicki didn’t deserve the musical respect and acclaim that Mariah Carey does, she matched her co-judge’s record of having 44 hits appear on the Billboard’s Hot 100.

So what’s the latest going on with the hip hop Barbie? While some people weren’t really feeling her multiple fake accents and crazy personality that she displays wherever she goes, she made sure that her love for dramatics paid off.

The Young Money artist has been cast to play alongside Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton in an upcoming comedy titled “The Other Woman.”

While we’re excited to see Nicki take her love of drama to the big screens, the concept for the movie itself leaves a lot to be desired.

The narrative is about a group of women who all discovered they are the “other women” in the relationship. The twist is that they are all being played by the same man.

Unfortunately, it sounds like it has some serious potential to be nothing more than a “Romeo Must Die” remake, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Nicki won’t be one of the “other” women in the film however, she will be playing Cameron Diaz’s assistant.

Either way, you can bet that Minaj’s cult following of Barbs will be lining up to see their rap queen take her talents to the big screen.

Meanwhile, the curvaceous beauty still makes time to do what she does best – put out some catchy new music.

Nicki Nick debuted her new look in a music video for the first time when she teamed up with mentor Lil Wayne for a rather intimate and steamy music video for “High School” – the very same record that allowed her to tie with Carey’s Billboard record.

Now, she is working with Ciara for the second time and according to Cici she “killed” her verse on the new record.

If you didn’t know the two ladies teamed up on Nicki’s song “I’m Legit” and apparently the chemistry was so amazing that the 27-year-old R&B star wanted to get some of that magic on her album as well.

“The energy of the record is so dope,” Ciara told MTV about the new unreleased song titled “I’m Out.” “She literally murdered it, like she got that throw-back, that thing that she does that’s so special. She went in.”

Apparently, the feeling is mutual because the Barb took the time to gush about Ciara as well.

“I was supposed to only do one song for her album and I think I’m going to end up doing two,” the curvy American Idol judge said. “I just love what she’s doing and I’m so proud and I’m really excited for people to hear it.”

No word out yet on when Ciara’s self titled album will be completed and ready to hit stores, but with both ladies confirming that Nicki will be making two appearances on the album it is certainly a collab that many hip hop and R&B fans are interested to hear.


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