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Tyler Perry Sued Over ‘Temptation’

Tyler Perry has had a rough time with his film career lately and now Temptation has generated a lawsuit and more negative feedback.

After the harsh criticisms Perry received after taking on the lead role in Alex Cross, his fans hoped that Temptation would help put him back on top. But it seems like Perry has little success if Madea isn’t involved.

Despite Temptation being a disappointing movie, it seems like somebody out there is actually willing to take credit for the recycled story line that we’ve all seen hundreds of times before.

According to TMZ, a small time screenwriter claims that the 43-year-old movie maker stole the idea for Temptation from his film script called Lovers Kill.

Screenwriter William James wrote the plot in 2009 and supposedly handed it over to “an associate” of Oprah Winfrey’s, hoping it would eventually make its way into Perry’s hands.

Needless to say, there is no way to prove that Winfrey’s so-called “associate” gave the screenplay to Perry instead of just chucking it in the garbage as most big stars would do.

Regardless of his lack of evidence, James insists that he has a case and is ready to move forward with his lawsuit against the famous director.

A lawsuit isn’t the only thing he’ll be dealing with. Stars and critics have been slamming Perry for casting reality show star Kim Kardashian in the movie…

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5 thoughts on “Tyler Perry Sued Over ‘Temptation’

  1. Joyce Oscar says:

    Oh goodness…If Mr. William James wrote the plot in 2009 and this plot actually belongs to him, how in the WORLD did Tyler's play, which the movie Temptation is based off of, premier in 2008. Someone always wants to take credit for one idea or another. The truth of the matter is, the basis of this movie/play has probably happened to 50 other people. So PLEASE Mr. James…sit down and don't waste tax payer's money trying to sue Tyler Perry.

  2. Oh Joyce please gmafb Tyler Perry is a fraud…and constantly biting and stealing ideas. He so fucking cheap that he don't hire professional writers that belong to the actors guild just to get around paying Union wages and them getting their royalties that is due to them .. He's a typical greedy corporatist… all of Tyler Perry movies are bullshit with a capital B.

  3. Miguel Cal says:

    he puts a lot of black actors to work though, don't forget that; and their depicted in a good light for the most part.

  4. he put a lot of black actors to work.. on BAD SCRIPTS AND BAD MOVIES.. who the hell wants that bullshit on their resume .. I'll bet you'll never see Denzell Washington, Will Smith, or Samuel Jackson in ANY TYLER PERRY mess..

  5. Ricky Rckyboby Rickstrom says:

    Damn.. you obviously missed the point of the movie. While you were comparing his movies you missed the message.. Every other movie shows how the man cheats and the woman but now it shows the other side. And that if you cheat you will get burned.. I loved it and the message.

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