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Katt Williams Sentenced After Meltdown, High Speed Chase

Katt Williams was finally sentenced after his public meltdown a few months ago that resulted in a high speed chase in Sacramento, Calif. and it seems like the comedian is getting off the hook with not much more than a slap on the wrist.

Williams was sentenced on Thursday to 90 days of community service after he plead no contest to the misdemeanor charges against him.

The reckless evasion of a police officer was originally going to earn the pint sized comedian 180 days behind bars, but the judge decided to cut the time of the sentence in half and let Williams serve his time giving back rather than in jail – now if only the rest of us got easy breaks the way celebrities do.

According to the Sacramento Bee, California Superior Court Judge Laurel White also included in the ruling that an addition 90 days will be stayed if Katt can get through his first sentence with no new charges.

The sentencing comes after 39-year-old entertainer had a major meltdown that lasted for quite some time. The meltdown included the “Friday After Next” actor throwing a cigarette at a woman outside a bar, hitting another man with a pool stick, and of course the infamous Target employee slap in which the part-time rapper hopped on a shopping cart to ride away from the scene of the crime.

It was his last crazy antics that almost earned him some serious jail time, however, when he used his three wheeled motorcycle to lead police on a high speed chase through a pedestrian heavy area.

Police never caught the comedian during the chase because they had to back off for the sake of pedestrians in the area. They were finally able to catch up to him on January 8 at his home in West Hills, Calif. after a warrant was issued for his arrest after he failed to appear in court for other legal woes.

Despite all the chaos and obvious indications that Williams actions were far from appropriate, he insisted that people just didn’t get him.

He told reporters last month that the high speed tricycle episode was simply a “misunderstanding” and that his absence in court was also an accident because he was dealing with a custody battle for his adopted children.

If he can keep out of trouble for the next 90 days, things will pretty much go back to normal for Williams.


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