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Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy Photos Send Media Into Another Frenzy

More photos of Beyonce and her baby Blue Ivy hit the web Thursday (April 25) and immediately sent the web into yet another frenzy as if we’ve never seen Blue’s pretty face before.

Even Kim Kardashian has been able to step out for lunch and not make headline news and become the number one trending topic on Google news. Baby Blue, on the other hand, is a different story.

Beyonce and Jay-Z took their adorable 15-month-old daughter out to lunch with them during their stay in Paris and the media acted as if it was the first time Blue’s face had ever seen the light of day.

The stylish music mogul baby was dressed in a simply “Pump Up the Volume” t-shirt with a pair of dark blue jeans and some fresh Adidas kicks that suggested it was definitely Jay-Z who picked out her outfit that day.

The mega star family had a casual lunch date at the iconic French restaurant Septime where the “Empire State” rapper was photographed several times covering his daughter in loving kisses.

While she is certainly much taller, baby Blue doesn’t look much different than the last time she made major news but it certainly was adorable to see some shots of the usually very serious New York rapper smiling and laughing with his little girl.

One thing that has changed about the famous tyke is her personality.

According to her famous mommy, Blue has been learning very quickly and has become quite the little “fire.”

Back in February she told Oprah, “[Blue Ivy] is hilarious and she is fire. Lord, am I going to have me time! She’s very smart. She’s already reading flashcards. She’s beautiful!”

So with the couple giving baby Blue all their undivided attention, it will be interesting to see what happens when Beyonce baby number two comes around.

Earlier this year Queen Bey revealed that she is certainly ready to make Blue a big sister.

During an interview with Shape Magazine in March, she was asked if she was ready to have another child and she responded, “Absolutely.”

According to her interview, she claimed that her and HOV are hoping to welcome another baby into the world as soon as Mrs. Carter is done with her world tour.

“I’ll probably start after this tour,” she added. “We’ll see what happens.”

Well as soon as Baddie Bey gets home from her world tour the media will certainly be on baby bump watch if they can managed to pull their camera lenses away from Blue Ivy.

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