Tatyana Ali Can't Decide on Trashing or Supporting Black Women in Reality TV Shows

Tatyana Ali is torn. Much like millions of viewers who tune into various types of reality TV shows and dub it their “guilty pleasure” for excusing their continued support for the pending train wrecks – Ali has another issue to contend with. The former child star of “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” wants to support black actresses women on television. And while she recognizes that they are not presented in the best light she can’t help but join the numbers that will inevitable keep the shows on TV. Oh what a conundrum…

Check out insights from Tatyana’s interview with CocoaFab (via Bossip) below:

On Spoofing Mona Scott-Young and Shaunie O’Neal With Her “Mona O’Neil” character:

“I watch them all! If there are black girls doing stuff, I watch it because it’s so rare to see us doing anything,” says Tatyana candidly. “I didn’t mean it be critical, even though I guess it was because I have a brain. I watch “Real Housewives,” I love it! I watch “Love and Hip Hop.” Some of it, I don’t love. I feel like when networks found out that black women watch more TV than anyone else unfortunately what we get is sisters fighting sisters. I’m finding we’re not necessarily always getting quality.”

On Why She Won’t Be Doing Reality TV:

“Number one my a$$ is boring,” laughs Tatyana. “I read books all day. I’m always studying. There’s nothing to watch. I don’t have beef with anybody. Number two, I’m an actor. If you know everything about me to the color of my underwear, how are you going to believe me when I say, I’m this character now? I just like acting a lot. I’m from the theater, I like pretending. If you know me, and think you know me and think you know me I can’t ask you to pretend anymore. It’s like the dream is gone.”

On Calling “One Night Stands” Her Guilty Pleasure:

“I was clearly joking. No, one night stands do not make me feel good, but if they make someone feel good, more power to you. That’s great! I thought it was funny. The question was, “What’s your greatest pleasure?”

On Liberation:

“Finally, it feels so good as a performer, as a writer, or even someone who is artistic in any way, to just not give a isht anymore. It took a long time for me to get to this point. It’s freedom.”

We’re glad to hear Tatyana is in such a great place in her life — but kinda disappointed she’s backing off her “one-night stand” comments. C’mon Taty let your freakazoid flag fly freely!


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