Secret Plot Surfaces For Jennifer Lopez To Usurp Mariah Carey As 'American Idol' Judge

Oh no she didn’t. Word on the street is that American Idol producers were courting Jennifer Lopez to replace Mariah Carey mid-season to help bolster plummeting ratings. Apparently this secret plot was thwarted when Carey’s team threatened legal action if said changes occurred.

Z finger snapping aside, this rumor is nothing but a steaming hot pile of gossip. According to The Hollywood Reporter, one Fox spokesperson said, “This is just another ridiculous Idol rumor.” Even producer Nigel Lythgoe denies any sort of involvement in a Jennifer Lopez coup d’état. On the other side of things, THR was also the one to report the sources behind the secret plot allegations are, in fact, “knowledgeable” ones. So who knows what to really believe.

Don’t worry Mimi fans, we do know that your beloved Mariah Carey will continue on the panel of judges for the remainder of the season. As for JLo enthusiasts, your prayers might also be answered. Supposedly Fox execs are trying to secure Lopez on the Idol season finale, so there’s still hope of her returning, albeit briefly.

In the wake of the potentially fake Nicki Minaj/Mariah Carey feud, there’s a good chance this rumor was sparked as a pathetic attempt to get people intrigued in Idol again. If this is true, sadly it worked because here I am reporting it (and you are reading it). Sigh.

Regardless of this latest rumor, based on dismal ratings alone there’s a good chance execs will give Nicki and Mariah the boot after this season ends. Then we’ll have a fresh group of divas for season 13. Oh joy.

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