D.L. Hughley and Michael Ian Black Team Up To Trick You In 'Trust Me, I'm A Game Show Host'

Mark Burnett, the producer responsible for Survivor, Shark Tank, and The Apprentice, has concocted yet another television game show. Trust Me I’m A Game Show Host is not another cheesy dating show about finding true love in six weeks, instead it has to do with trust, deception, and lots of money (nope, still not talking about a Bachelor type show).

As seen on Deadline.com, Trust Me, I’m A Game Show Host makes contestants into human lie detectors. Each host, D.L. Hughley and Michael Ian Black, will get a random and absurd fact which they’ll try and convince the contestant to choose as true. After hearing their arguments, contestants will then have to decide which host is telling the truth and which is lying through their teeth. If the contestant chooses correctly he or she will win a nice wad of cash. However, between these two comedians turned hosts this task sounds ridiculously difficult.

Michael Ian Black is known for his offbeat Comedy Central shows, like Stella and Michael & Michael Have Issues. He recurred regularly on NBC’s Ed from 2000-2004. D.L. Hughley is also a comedian with a few TV shows under his belt. He’s had talk shows on Comedy Central and CNN, as well as a popular CBS sitcom, The Hughley’s.

While I personally think there are already too many reality tv/ game shows on television right now, Michael Ian Black and D.L. Hughley give me faith this show might actually be on to something.

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