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'Glee' Renewed For Not One, But TWO More Seasons

 Gleeks rejoice it’s official, there will be a 5th AND a 6th season of your beloved show!

After weeks of negotiations, no news, and nervous fans Fox finally announced that Glee will be returning for at least two more years. Now that’s a lot of over the top musical numbers, absurd plot lines, and Sue Sylvester jokes.

Unfortunately for show creators Brad Falchuck, Ian Brennan, and Ryan Murphy, it sounds as though more people are groaning rather than celebrating the news. Many fans have given up on the show, claiming it has taken in a turn for the worst in recent seasons. This complaint is backed by a steady decline in ratings over the years. The Season 4 season premiere had about 7 million viewers, while Season 3 had 9.21 million and Season 2 boasted a whopping 12.45 million.

Many are wondering what new songs the New Directions could possibly sing and more pressing what new plot lines the show could possibly cover. No, but really, in its four year run Glee has covered every imaginable scenario from teenage pregnancy, to teenage drinking, and even teenage plastic surgery. Glee has dedicated episodes and series arcs to losing your virginity, dyslexia, eating disorders, domestic violence, school shootings, texting and driving, and even male prostitution. And these are just a few of the more dramatic ones. Oh and let’s not forget the show’s lauded and groundbreaking plot lines making gay, lesbian, and transgender relationships a norm on mainstream TV.

Ryan Murphy has teased a “whole new format” for the new seasons with hopes to e-energize the show and pull back in old viewers, along with some new ones. With only three episodes of Season 4 left, it’s only a matter of time until we find out just what this new format is…and whether or not we think it will work.

For those who watch Glee solely to see The Glee Project winners, there is still no news whether or not Project will be back for more. Fingers crossed the companion show has as much luck as the original.

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