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Rihanna Wished her Fans a Happy 4/20 via Twitter.

Yesterday, April 20, was the best holiday of the year for some. It was a day for those who truly appreciate the ganja, and by ganja we mean marijuana. Plenty of celebrities took to Twitter to revel in 4/20, from likely suspects like Snoop Lion to more under the radar stars. Keep reading to see all the tweets!

It isn’t a federal holiday, but many people — celebrities included — treat April 20 (or 4/2o) as if it’s a second Christmas. And because it fell on a Saturday this year, celebrations were on high (see what I did there?). Stars like Snoop Lion and Rihanna got in on the festivities, and wished all their fans a happy holiday via Twitter.

Other Celebs Tweet About 4/20

Snoop was throwing an all-out 4/20 bash, and was more active on Twitter during the holiday than he probably ever has been. “Happy holidays #snoop420,” was just one of many tweets he sent out. Rita Ora actually hung out with Snoop Lion — and she posted a picture of their 4/20 celebration on Instagram.

Rihanna, who has never been afraid to post pictures of herself indulging in the stuff on Instagram, tweeted, “#420 it’s a celebration bitches!! Thank you to all my ft. Lauderdale and Miami fam that came through…” Rihanna had a great 4/20 bash, and the King of Diamonds club in Miami, Fla. where she celebrated even baked her a marijuana plant cake, which she posted on Instagram.

Miley Cyrus, who has herself been gifted a Bob Marley cake in the past, simply tweeted, “Merry 4/20.”

Chris Brown sent out the short message, “420!” and Wyclef Jean posted, “Happy 420!”


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