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Kim Kardashian Still Not Happy After Kris Humphries Divorce?

Kim Kardashian finally got exactly what she wanted- an official divorce from NBA star Kris Humphries – but it seems as if the reality star isn’t quite as happy as we expected her to be.

No she isn’t thinking about getting back with Humphries or regretting anything about the divorce, but Kimmy admitted that she does feel like a “hypocrite” when it comes to her pregnancy.

It was four years ago that Kim’s older sister Kourtney decided she didn’t want to marry long time boyfriend Scott Disick despite the fact that they were starting their own family. During that time Kim took a strong stand against having a child out of wedlock.

Well the middle Kardashian sister has had the tables turned on her and now she feels as if she is a “hypocrite” for having her first child out of wedlock.

“I’ve said some things that I completely am, like, a hypocrite now,” she admitted to good friend and Keeping Up with the Kardashians executive producer Ryan Seacrest. “I would say things about Kourtney like, ‘You cannot have a baby without being married!’”

She went to say she was “really firm” and “strict” about her sister’s decision to have children without getting married but Kourtney had already made up her mind.

In addition to feeling like a hypocrite for getting pregnant out of wedlock, Kimmy is also being forced to celebrate the divorce all by herself.

Boyfriend Kanye West has been in Paris since February and didn’t make it back to the States to support his girlfriend in court or welcome her home.

With the pregnant reality star’s due date getting closer and closer fans can’t help but wonder why the rapper is spending so much time away from the mother of his child.

Kim did still take the time to celebrate in a simple way. Just hours after the divorce was finalized Kimmy was seen stepping out for a small day of pampering at a local nail salon.

She made a quick change from the somber black gown she wore to court and into a more comfortable black tank top, leggings, and a collared shirt.

So how does Kris feel after the divorce is finally over?

In all honesty, probably not too well considering the fact that he is stuck with some outrageous legal fees to pay off when he didn’t earn a dime out of the Kardashian clan.

If you ask his rep, however, the Brooklyn Nets player is more concerned about the playoffs than personal drama.

“His commitment to the Brooklyn Nets and the team’s incredible fans is his number one priority and he is excited to head into the playoffs tomorrow with this situation behind him,” his rep said.

It will be interesting to see if his feelings from the extended divorce battle change his game out on the courts.

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