Extended TV Spot for 'The Great Gatsby'

“A little party never killed nobody.” Oh, but don’t you see? Partying does kill Gatsby! D’oh ho, so clever. Also, that’s “anybody,” Miss Fergie. A little party never killed anybody.

This new, extended TV spot for The Great Gatsby (which is basically a trailer on TV) continues to have fun setting ragtime antics to modern pop songs. It’s cute. I like it. Director Baz Luhrmann is good at doing that (it’s why Moulin Rouge is so great, and yes it is great shut up).

You know what Luhrmann isn’t good at? Subtlety. I think a friend of mine put it best when he said that the best we can hope for with this movie is that it accidentally illustrates the themes of the book by being an empty display of excess that has no idea what it’s on about. Sound, fury, nothing signified, etcetera.

The Great Gatsby comes out May 10th. Here is the TV spot:

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