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Michael Shannon Threatens Earth in 'Man of Steel' Viral Marketing

Breaking: acclaimed and talented actor Michael Shannon has released a video clip on YouTube, in which he speaks directly to his mortal enemy, Kal-El, and threatens the inhabitants of Earth with destruction unless Kal-El gives himself up. At this point, we can only pray for salvation, as none could ever hope to match Shannon’s godlike powers in combat. We must hope for deliverance, or that Shannon is merciful.

…And I’m now seeing that this is simply Shannon in character as someone named “General Zod,” part of the marketing for his new movie. It’s some obscure thing called Man of Steel. Probably another one of his art house efforts. Perhaps he’ll finally get the wider critical recognition that he deserves with this one. Lord knows audiences probably aren’t ready for him yet.

Man of Steel, whatever it is (I guess Zod is a metalworker or something?) comes out June 14th. Here is the video:

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