TV Spot for 'Man of Steel'

The first TV commercial for the new Superman film went out last night. It’s… basically the trailer we’ve all seen, just cut down to 30 seconds. Bleh. But maybe this is a good thing. This is surely a better preview for the movie for the people with 30 second memory spans. This way, they don’t have to worry about forgetting what they’re seeing midway through.

Urgh, this movie. Only a studio executive would look at a Christopher Nolan’s Batfilms and think, “Hey, this is what we need for Superman! His movie should be incredibly self-serious and have nothing but gunmetal color tones!” Well, a studio executive or an idiot fanboy. The line between the two is blurring these days.

Or maybe we’re being mislead, and there’s actually a lot of hope and joy and wonder and optimism in the movie. You know, all those things Superman is about. We’ll see.

Man of Steel comes out June 14th. Here is the TV spot:

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