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Back To The Usual: Chris Brown, Rihanna Kind Of Break Up

Rihanna and Chris Brown have called it quits… sort of. The young lovers are back at it again with their on-again off-again antics and have reportedly “broken up” while still remaining what they call “close friends” again.

Rumors have been flying that Rihanna and Chris split up and TMZ was able to confirm the rumors through several sources, but the duo isn’t exactly over.

RiRi added more fuel to the fire at her L.A concert when she opened up her next set by announcing she was “confused” when it comes to love.

OMG! Yahoo reported:

RiRi asked the sold out crowd how many people out there are in love. The 25-year-old followed up that question by then asking how many people out there don’t understand love.

“I’m in that group,” Rihanna said. “The confused group.”

“Two words: what now?” Rihanna continued. “What the f–k now?”

This led into her ballad “What Now,” which the singer (who has never looked better, by the way) belted out quite emotionally.

I would like to point out (because apparently everyone forgot) that this is a 25-year-old woman speaking about love. Most people who are well into their 50s are still confused by love, but confusion doesn’t necessarily mean emotional turmoil and broken relationships.

Other sources who are close to the pair feel the same way.

“It’s just what they do, very doubtful it’s actually over,” one insider said of the break up.

Well here’s proof that the couple certainly isn’t completely over – Breezy himself was sitting just feet away from the Bajan beauty at the concert.

Eye witnesses took to twitter to not only express how excited they were to lay eyes on the tatted up R&B bad boy, but they even commented on the way he was looking at the “Stay” crooner.

“chris is so in love! U can tell frm the way he is staring [Rihanna] down,” one Chris Brown fan page tweeted during the concert.

Another Twitter user actually snapped a pic of Rihanna’s kind-of-not-really-sometimes-on-the-weekend-during-certain-hours-of-the-day-when-the-weather-is right boyfriend in the crowd and he was indeed captivated by her performance.

Meanwhile, the Bajan beauty celebrated her single night with a fat blunt and some flashy Tom Fordes.

Several cameras caught her smoking on the “mysterious cigarette” (aka blunt) while partying it up at Greystone Manor in West Hollywood.

Apparenty the night was so “epic” that the R&B star didn’t even have time to slip her expensive Tom Fordes off before she called it a night.

She tweeted a picture of her toned leg stretched across her bed, showing off the fancy footwork.

“Evidence of an epic night!!! #wokeupinmyTomFordes,” she wrote in the caption along with the photo.

Well, it looks like it’s time for us to open up the betting pool once again. How long will it take RiRi and Breezy to get back together?? (I’m placing my bet for a week.)


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