10 Romantic Vacation Spots To Put A Ring On It

Admit it. Just once in your life you’d like to feel like the hero in a chick flick, with all the schmaltzy romance, the elaborate plots, the happy endings.

Even if it’s just for the amount of time it takes to say those big four words: Will. You. Marry. Me.

You want it to be in someplace exotic: in a romantic setting, away from family and friends, on a vacation never to forget.

Prince William certainly wanted it that way. He trekked around Kenya carrying Princess Diana’s ring in his backpack until he found just the right place to propose to Kate Middleton. In a remote log cabin with no electricity that was accessible only by air or — bizarrely — horseback, Wills got down on one knee and asked Kate to be the future queen of England.

It was the ultimate destination proposal, and it shows William knew exactly what was expected of a 21st-century proposal.

If there wasn’t already a growing trend for guys to pop the question on vacation, then this single event made it one. It was one royal move that men everywhere could confidently copy (if not in Kenya, exactly).When Phil Govey asked Rachel Amamoo to marry him in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Rachel says time stopped, just like in the movies.

“It was kind of like we were in a little bubble, because there were lots of people around, but it was like it was just us two,” she says. “It was so romantic.”

David Mendelsohn got it equally right when he proposed to his girlfriend, Isika, in Lake Como, Italy.

“Everything fell into place like it was prewritten,” says David.

He proposed beneath a 200-year-old oak tree made famous by the James Bond film “Casino Royale.”

Isika said yes, and, she added, “By the way, I’m pregnant.”

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