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Rihanna Caught Flirting After Chris Parties With Blonde

Are Rihanna and Chris Brown having problems again already?

Rihanna was spotted getting a little extra friendly with a male companion at the Lakers game on Sunday just a day after Chris was seen partying it up with a mystery blonde girl.

The rumors of a Chris Brown Rihanna split may have been false about a week ago, but they might be earning some validity now.

The Daily Mail wrote:

“The 25-year-old singer was pictured with a friend in courtside seats at the Los Angeles Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers basketball game.

She didn’t appear to let the news of her 23-year-old beau’s flirty night out affect her, smiling while the man chatted to her.

Whether it is a romantic interest of hers or not, the star certainly was determined to show she was having a good time as she settled into the event.

She leaned in and laughed as her company spoke to her while trying to keep her eyes on the action.

But the brown-haired beauty couldn’t help but shift her attention to the fellow guest in between munching on a large bucket of popcorn.

It seems like RiRi is trying to let Breezy know that two can play the flirting game.”

The Bajan beauty was so busy getting touchy feely the stranger that she didn’t even notice a fellow musician sitting one row behind her – Will.I.Am.

The 38-year-old singer-songwriter had to tap the “Stay” singer on the shoulder just to greet her, and we’re sure he probably took the opportunity to talk business as well.

While the 25-year-old R&B songstress didn’t seem like she was dressed to pull another man, she did decided to opt out on a bra, and her new friend was certainly taking note of that.

So did her plan work? Is Chris feeling a little jealous? Honestly… probably not.

Brown told the radio station power 105.1, “…you can’t be the jealous boyfriend, I can’t be calling her constantly asking what she’s doing. So I just gotta put that trust out there and hope nothing happens.”

We wonder just how much Rihanna’s new courtside buddy and Breezy’s blonde bombshell from Playhouse Nightclub in Hollywood are going to impact the pair’s whole philosophy on trust.


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