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Wesley Snipes Released From Prison; Jay-Z & Beyonce Visit Cuba

Wesley Snipes has been released from prison. The 50-year-old actor checked in to a corrections facility in Pennsylvania in December 2010 to serve a three year sentence after he was convicted for failing to file federal income tax returns.

TMZ is reporting that Snipes is now under house arrest in New York until mid-July.

Beyonce and Jay-Z made a splash in Havana, Cuba, on Thursday. The couple were in town to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary and created pandemonium when they decided to dine out and tour historic Old Havana.

The restaurant that the couple visited has a long history of hosting celebrities and political leaders.

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4 thoughts on “Wesley Snipes Released From Prison; Jay-Z & Beyonce Visit Cuba

  1. should Beyonce and Jay z go to jail? why not if they break the law yeah they should.

  2. Juan Pino says:

    Why should they its just a vacation they didnothing but see a piece of historic. Country leave them alone Jay z does lots of good things in the US so does Beyonce……. God bless them both …

  3. it doesn't matter. not because you have money you can break the law when you feel like. the law is the law. God don't care how much money you have, you and I and everyone is the same in his eyes.

  4. Akula Volkov says:

    It's not illegal to go to Cuba.

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