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The Walking Dead: Tyreese, Sasha and Beth Upgrade to Season 4 Regulars …Guess Who Shouldn’t Unpack Their Bags Just Yet?

The Walking Dead will be getting some new series regulars when the zombie apocalypse show returns in the fall.

In the fourth season of AMC’s hit series, we can expect to see a lot more of Tyrese (Chad L. Coleman), his sister Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), and Hershel’s youngest daughter Beth (Emily Kinney).

Kinney has been playing a recurring role since Season 2 of The Walking Dead, while Colman and Martin-Green have made repeated appearances since the mid-season finale of Season 3.

It’s well known that when it comes to becoming zombie lunch on the series, anybody is fear game. But I couldn’t help wonder if any one of our three “promotees” are being set up for the kill in Season 4.

The writers and showrunners didn’t seem to have much use for Beth outside of taking care of Rick’s baby.  Lately, the show has been developing a habit of killing off supporting characters after they’re given significantly more development than usual. The fact that Beth will finally have a more prominent role — after being present for two seasons — leads me to believe she’s a good contender for the chopping block.

Martin-Green must have definitely gotten the memo that no one is safe on The Walking Dead. She also has a recurring gig on ABC’s Once Upon a Time playing the magic-seeking seductress Tamara. It’s rumored that the role will extend into Season 3. New work often indicates an actor is on to the next thing. Hope this isn’t true for Martin-Green because we would love to get to now her character better.

Coleman’s Tyrese is one of the most significant characters in the comic book series so he may stick around for awhile.  However, we all know the show’s producers don’t hesitate to stray away from the original story. His infamous death at the hands of the Governor unraveled a lot of the comic book fans, but it’s unknown whether the writers will stick with that part of the story. Incidentally, the Governor was still out there somewhere surviving at the conclusion of Season 3, so it’s possible we could see him return and orchestrating Tyrese’s demise in Season 4.

Of course all this is speculation and we won’t know for sure until the series returns later this year; but this darn hit show makes it hard not to be obsessed with what happens next.

Do you think Tyrese, Sasha, or Beth will survive the fourth season of the zombie apocalypse?

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