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Nicki Minaj Welcomed Back To ‘American Idol’ Despite Crazy Antics

Nicki Minaj has been causing quite the stir on American Idol, but that isn’t stopping producer Nigel Lythgoe from welcoming the hip hop Barbie back to the judge’s panel for next year.

One of TMZ’s videographers caught up with Nigel while he was making his way into a Malibu restaurant and asked if Mrs. Minaj would be welcomed back to the show.

“By my, she certainly will be,” he exclaimed with a wide grin.

It’s clear that despite how many critics have vocalized their dislike of the hip hop songstress, she still must be doing something great for the show.

While she has become known for her crazy antics, drama, and showing up late to the show she has also been deemed the new Simon Cowell for her harsh delivery of the truth.

Remember last week when she told the terrible trio Burnell Taylor, Lazaro Arbos, and Devin Velez to “get off the stage” after a less than impressive performance.

The harsh feedback was received very well by many of the entertainment shows, but it seems like Devin is taking his anger out on Nicki and blaming her for getting him booted off the show.

Just for the record Devin, you were going home even if Nicki offered you a record deal and vocal lessons from Mariah Carey.

Anyway, he insisted that Minaj’s response after the performance was uncalled for – obviously because he didn’t have to hear or watch what happened on stage that night.

“When she went crazy – when she was like ‘get off the stage, blah blah blah’ and it’s just like ‘whoa Miss Minaj, I need you to calm down please,’” he said during a conference call with reporters. “She could have been upset because the night before she was wearing the same colored dress as Mariah, or that she was on time. We never know.”

Woah…. Excuse me? Honestly, I’m not much of a Nicki Minaj fan but I do know that getting your face on “American Idol” for half a second is a huge honor and by making rude remarks such as that he spit all over that chance.

Regardless of his singing abilities, the world isn’t full of people who are eager to work with an undiscovered talent with an ego bigger than Chris Brown’s.

After hearing the interview, Minaj seemed to feel the same way.

“Lol. Be mad @AMERICA when u get sent home,” she tweeted. “The JUDGES are the ones who FOUGHT for America to get the opp to vote or you #memba?”

The answer to that would be no… apparently he doesn’t remember.

While we do side with Nicki on the fact that he Devin needed to scarf down a huge slice of humble pie, we don’t think she needed to take to the Twitterverse to discuss it the way she did.

“America r the ‘potential’ fans,” the American Idol judge tweeted. “U MUST win them over. ‘Saves’ are bullsh** and they know it. Those girls are just too good this year. Send the judges some flowers and a card.”

That was a bit much. I still agree with the message, but the language wasn’t necessary.

However, we do think the former contestant calling Nicki childish is a serious case of the pot calling the kettle black.

“That moment when an adult stoops down to the 3rd grade level… LOL,” he tweeted. “Grow up Hun, I’ve got songs to write. 🙂 #movingforward.”

You have songs to write? What kind of come back is that when you’re talking to the woman who gets paid over $6 million every year just to pen a few verses?

As much as I honestly hate to say it, this round of American Idol does indeed to go Nicki.

And if you ask her, she would certainly agree.

Earlier, the YMCM rapper admitted that she honestly didn’t think she had any bad moments on the show – despite her showing up late for one of the live episodes.

“I don’t have a worst Idol moment,” she said. I’ve been spectacular. Yes, I’m gonna toot my own horn. My best moment is every single moment. I’m gonna toot it again.”

See why I hated giving her the Idol feud victory?

It seems like getting behind the judge’s panel has take Nicki’s ego and blown it up to unbelievable proportions because the gimmicky rapper has even compared herself to the legendary Jay-Z.

When asked what nickname she would give herself she simply answered, “Young Hov.”

Jay-Z is yet to speak on how he feels about that nickname, and honestly we don’t expect him to take the time to even address it.

Unless he follows in the footsteps of his wife and just posts a picture of himself laughing and pointing on Instagram.


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