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Beyonce Reveals Blue Ivy Mini Director Chair, ‘I Been On’ Remix

Beyonce’s Instagram is making headlines once again after she shared a picture of Blue Ivy Carter’s customized mini director chair. Blue Ivy’s mommy also released a H-Town remix to her controversial single “I Been On.”

Beyonce has made one thing very clear: she isn’t the least bit concerned with what her haters and critics have to say.

In the midst of people bashing the R&B Queen for the new song she has ignored it all and even posted pictures of herself laughing and pointing.

While these pictures were probably just some fun snap shots, you can’t help but wonder if the songstress was laughing and pointing at all her haters.

Either way, she revealed that while she embarks on her Mrs. Carter World tour in just two weeks, baby Blue will be laughing and pointing right beside her.

The 31-year-old megastar obtained a customized pint-sized version of her own director’s chair that her daughter will be resting in for much of her tour.

While the back of Bey’s chair reads “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour,” Blue’s chair is marked with her very own initials “BIC.”

It’s no surprise that she is going so far to make sure her baby is traveling along in style and comfort. Back in March she opened up to Vogue that Blue Ivy is more than her daughter. She’s also her “road dog,” “homey,” and “best friend.”

Meanwhile, Bey has shot down rumors that she is scrapping her entire new album because she has already released a remix of “I Been On.”

Rumor had it that the “Love on Top” crooner was disappointed with the new album in the works and was scrapping the entire thing after audiences didn’t respond so well to the Texas ode ordering “b****es” to “bow down.”

Well it looks like those rumors are false. Baddie Bey is loving the hit and has called on the aid of her fellow Texan rappers to create a remix.

Bun-B, Scarface, Lil Keke, Slim Thug, Willie D, and Z-Ro all join forces to create the remix which rids Bey of any verse other than the chopped and screwed chorus.

Not to disrespect Bey’s hometown, but with this group not really being hard hitters in the rap game the verses do leave a bit to be desired. It’s one of those cases where you can pretty much already guess what each rapper will say because it’s just that simple.

Anyway, it’s obvious Beyonce doesn’t care what anyone has to say about her music, and we can respect that, but her Birdman approach at the end of the song was a bit bizarre for us.

Rather than lending any new vocals to the track, she simply gave a few shout outs and gave us some rather uninteresting snippets about her childhood.

“Shout out to Willie D,” she said at the end of the song. “I was in that Willie D when I was about 14, looking crazy…. Shout out to Pimp C. You know we used to sneak and listen to that UGK.”

Uh… okay. Can we have Beyonce back please? Sasha Fierce is trying to channel her inner YMCMB and it’s not working.

Hopefully this phase will last only for one song and not be spread out over the entire album.

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