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Jennifer Lopez Dropped From India Show Over Diva Demands, Denies Casper Smart Prenup

Jennifer Lopez missed out on a major gig in India–all because her diva demands became too much for organizers.

Lopez was scheduled to perform for tens of millions of viewers at the Indian Premier League opening ceremony next week, a coveted opportunity in the country, due to the level of exposure. Last year, 56 million viewers watched Katy Perry’s Bollywood-inspired setlist.

As the event approached, Lopez’s demands got higher and higher. She requested a private plane, hotel rooms for herself and her enormous entourage, as well as a private chef.

A source told the New York Post: “She effectively priced herself out of the event. It was an idiotic move because the audience for this event is huge. It’s like the Super Bowl halftime show.”

Organizers eventually grew tired of her diva demands and booked Pitbull instead, ironically a Lopez collaborator on 2011’s smash “Dance Again.”

Lopez has been denying diva claims since her main man was Diddy, famously insuring her “assets” in 2000. Just last year, J.Lo spoke out on her infamous roster (request list celebrities send to organizers). Lopez laughed off rumors of crazy demands and joked “Oh my God she wants M&M’S … she’s crazy!”

A private plane is a bit harder to come by than a bag of M&Ms. As for the missed India gig, Lopez’s camp of course denies all diva wrongdoing. “An offer was made to perform; the date conflicted with Jennifer’s current music-recording schedule for an album due this summer,” said Lopez’s rep.

Lopez is also fending off reports that she is asking boyfriend Casper Smart, 25, to sign a prenup before they marry.

According to Star, Lopez has requested Smart sign a legal doc vowing  “he will never take money from her.”

Star also alleges the document is part confidentiality agreement, meaning Smart can never speak of their relationship to the press.

The Star article suggests the document is creating a problem in the pair’s relationship. “He refuses to sign [the agreement], and now they fight constantly,” said the Star insider. “He says he will sign it when they get married, but not before. She’s always led him to believe she trusts him — but if he doesn’t sign it, it’s over.”

The pair have yet to publicly confirm an engagement.

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