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Harlem Shake Video Lands Wells Fargo Employees in Trouble

A Wells Fargo spokesperson says the bank does not approve of a Harlem Shake video shot inside an Atlanta branch that has gone viral on the internet.

More than 140,000 people have viewed the video on YouTube. It features a man in a ski mask dancing in the lobby of a Buckhead Wells Fargo branch.

Moments later, the man is joined by dozens of dancers in costumes.

There are countless examples of the dance craze posted on online websites, including the Georgia Aquarium and UGA students.

But a Wells Fargo spokesman says the bank employees filmed the video after hours and does not believe it is  consistent with the corporate image the bank is trying to project.

The bank released a prepared statement saying, “This was something that our team members participated in on their own time. It was not approved by the company and Well Fargo did not produce the video.”

The company did not announce any reprimand of the employees involved in the video.

Source: WXIA

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