Amazon Greenlights 'Zombieland' Pilot

Move over Edward Cullen, Bill Compton, and all you other blood sucking vampires, zombies are all the rage right now. Amazon Studios officially announced that it’s moving forward with a TV series version of Zombieland.

From AMC’s wildly popular show, The Walking Dead, to Paramount’s highly anticipated new movie,World War Z, zombies are taking over the world, at least from an entertainment standpoint. While World War Z and The Walking Dead are two very serious accounts of what would truly happen in the event of a zombie apocalypse, there are some movies that make light of the otherwise dire situation. The comedy Warm Bodies came out earlier this year, which told an unusual zombie love story, while Zombieland kicked off the zombie parodies trend back in 2009.

The movie version of Zombieland starred Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin as four survivors of the zombie apocolypse who fight for survival and a fresh start. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Amazon just announced they would be going forward with a TV series based on the movie, but with different actors. Kirk Ward, Tyler Ross, Maiara Walsh, and Izabela Vidovic will star as the fresh new cast in the TV series version. The original creative team, including writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, producer Gavin Polone, and director Eli Craig, are on board to continue with the new pilot.

According to Wernick, the new show “will strive to break the rules: action, adventure, thrills, chills and laughs and all packed into a half-hour format. This is not your average show, but Amazon is not your average network.”

Zombieland is one of twelve new pilots set to premiere on Amazon for free. After the first episodes of each new series air, Amazon will then decide which ones will be picked up as full series. The new shows will be available on Amazon Prime Instant Video, which, of course, has a membership fee. This is without a doubt a genius marketing strategy, likely stemming from the huge success of Netflix’s original series success with House of Cards. 

There is tremendous buzz about the TV version of Zombieland, do you think the new show will live up to the hype?


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