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Venus Williams Gets Distracted By Boyfriend, Family in Miami

Venus Williams couldn’t really keep her head in the game during tennis practice in Miami when her hunky Cuban boyfriend joined her on the court along with her father and unusually young stepmother.

We have to commend Venus for not being ashamed of her new family dynamics even after the media brutally attacked the family when her father’s young wife got pregnant.

While the couple is certainly strange and there is tons of speculation that someone might just be in it for the money, Venus still embraced both her father and his wife with much love and adoration.

Maybe it’s because her model boyfriend Elio Pis had already put the Olympic gold medalist in a great mood.

While Venus was supposed to be focused on practicing, she took several short breaks to go shares some soft kisses with her boyfriend.

He certainly dressed down for the practice in a pair of blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and some brightly colored sunglasses.

After smooching on the court, the couple was seen holding hands several times throughout the day.

It was certainly an adorable sight to see with both of the stars flashing bright smiles and giggling like middle schoolers with a crush.

The tennis star has been dating Elio since last year and he has even come to her aid to help her work on her athletic clothing line EleVen.

In addition to being a successful piece of eye candy, it seems like Venus’s boyfriend is pretty good with her family as well – no matter how different they may be.

When her father Richard Williams, 71, showed up with his wife Lakeisha Graham, 33, Elio did nothing but welcome them with a warm smile and even took interest in their 7-month-old baby.

Lakeisha is only one year older than Venus, but somehow both of the tennis sisters have been able to respect her as a mother figure when she really is only old enough to be another sister.

Richard did prove that he wasn’t too old to keep up with the adorable tyke. Venus and Serena’s pop did a great job handling the bundle of joy and even feeding him in the stands while he supported both of his daughters in Miami.


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